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Judge S. T. Morris
County Judge S. T. Morris for Wilson County Texas. Judge Morris dressed in a starch white shirt and dark tuxedo with a bow tie.
John Nance Garner
John Nance Garner of uvale, Texas as Vice President of the United State. Mr. Garner is photographed in a suit and tie.
San Antonio - Cuero Road
Photograph of a narrow paved road in the open countyside; fields and trees are visible on either side. A handwritten note on the back says "S.A. - Cuero."
Governor John Connally and His Mother
Photograph of Governor John B. Connally standing with his mother Lela Connally on the steps of her home in Floresville, Texas. The house is a one-story home with a wrap-around porch; the front yard is visible in the foreground, including a number of trees.
Street Scene, Floresville, Texas
Copy print of a street scene of the business district in Floresville, Texas. A series of storefronts are visible along one side of the street and there are horse-drawn wagons lined up in the road. A handwritten note on the back of the photo says "3rd Street across from Courthouse Square."
San Antonio River Bridge
Photograph of an unidentified woman at the San Antonio River Bridge near Floresville, Texas. The woman is wearing dark-colored clothing and is seated on log near the dry river bed with the bridge in the background. The shadow from the photographer can be seen in the bottom corner. A handwritten note in the lower-right corner says "San Antonio River Bridge, Hwy 97 west of Floresville."
Street Scene
Copy print of a street scene of the business district in downtown Floresville, Texas. The vantage point is from Third Street looking southeast toward "C" Street, toward the courthouse. There are buildings on either side of the street and cars are parked outside the businesses. Text at the top of the image says "Third Street, Looking Southeast, Floresville, Texas."
Floresville School Students
Photograph of students in front of school house. The card held by the boy in the middle of the front row says; Floresville, Texas. The boy's name is Haywood McDaniel. The boy who is third from the right in the first row is Charlie Culpepper. The teacher on the top row, far left, is Miss Myrtle Hurley (Mrs. Ed Franklin).
[Dirt Road in Front of Building]
Photograph of a dirt road running in front of a building in Wilson County, Texas. Bales of hay are stacked in the building's yard, behind a wire and wood fence.
[F. F. Konecny Building]
Photograph of two men standing on the porch of the F. F. Konecny store in Wilson County, Texas.
Home of Fritz Eilert
Two-story, unpainted, wood farm house on the Dewees Ranch. There is a small covered front proch added, as well additional living space in the rear of the house.
[Home of Fritz Keninger]
Photograph of several people standing around the home of Fritz Keninger in Three Oaks, Texas. A wooden picket fence surrounds the house.
[Home of William Koether]
Photograph of the home of William Koether in Three Oaks, Texas. A wooden picket fence surrounds the house, and there are trees in the background.
[Interior of White House Cafe]
Photograph of the interior of the White House Cafe in Floresville, Texas. Several tables and chairs are set up to the right of the counter and stairs, and a sign leading to the wash room is visible in the background.
[J. J. Schneider's Home]
Photograph of several people standing on the porch of the home of J. J. Scneider in Three Oaks, Texas. A wire fence with a wooden gate surrounds the house.
[Men in Auto and Carriage Dept.]
Photograph of two men in a garage with a carriage and a car in it in Wilson County, Texas. The man to the right sits at a sewing machine, and the man to the left leans against a carriage. The handwritten note at the bottom of the photo reads "Auto & Carrage [sic] top Dept."
Methodist Parsonage
This is a black and white photo of the Methodist parsonage in Floresville, Texas. Featured in the photo are four young children and a dog. The house has to two covered porches with step leading upto the landings. The house also has lattice work from the ground up to the porches.
Otto Reininger Home on the Dewees Ranch
Rustic two story wood frame home on the Dewees Ranch. There is a porch attached to the front of the house along with a outlying building behind the structure.
[Photograph of a Scrimmage]
Photograph of high school football players lined up in a scrimmage in a field in Wilson County, Texas.
[Alamo Lumber Co.]
Photograph of a building labeled "Alamo Lumber Co. Office" in Wilson County, Texas. A water tower is visible in the background.
[Bales of Hay in Front of Building]
Photograph of bales of hay on the ground and a raised wooden platform in front of a building in Wilson County, Texas.
[Clapboard House]
Photograph of a clapboard house raised on short stilts in a field in Wilson County, Texas.
Cox Confectionary Store
Photograph of the inside of Cox Confectionary soda counter. There are two men behind the soda counter with ties on. One customer appears to be holding or standing close behind a Coca-Cola cut out at the end of the candy counter. There is a fourth gentleman seated on a bar stool in checkered pants, linen shirt and cowboy hat with a soda glass in hand.
Dewees School House
Rustic wood frame school house with shutters on windows. Five men standing outside in front of the door next to a small pile of wood.
Dewees, Texas Post Office
On the porch of the building is a man seated, a woman standing with another woman seated with child in arms. Water cistern on the left side of the building with a pipe attched to the roof gutter. It is a single story wood frame building with an attic window. Lower windows open.
[Boy Scouts with Banners]
Photograph of a group of boy scouts and their scout master posing with several banners. Those in the back row are Elbert Franklin, Howard McDaniel, Dale McKenzie, Charlie Culpepper, Frank Woolsey, Henry Timberlake, and Louie McNeil. Those in the front row are Henry Lee Dennis, Charlie Cockrell, Roy Seale, Terrell Toone, scout master W. H. Butler, Jesse Franklin, and Webb Carnes.
[Carriage Under an Awning]
Photograph of four men standing in front of the entrance to a building in Wilson County, Texas. A horse and a carriage stand under the building's awning to the left, and more carriages are visible in the background.
[Sports Team]
Photograph of three rows of men on a sports team in Wilson County, Texas.
The "Rock" Methodist Church
White frame church, with two doors that are closed. There are shutter on the windows and steps leading up to the doors.
[Three Men in Front of Garage]
Photograph of three men standing in front of a blacksmith and woodwork shop in Wilson County, Texas. A car is parked in the garage to the left.
[Three Men Sitting in Courthouse]
Photograph of three men, one sitting at a desk and two standing, in a room in the Wilson County courthouse in Floresville, Texas.
W.W. Rhode - One Price Cash Store
Photograph of brick, two-story building located at 3rd and C Street in Floresville. One person is going into the store; another is standing at the corner of the building; and two men are unloading goods from a horse drwn wagon at the side of the building - one is on the wagon and the other walking toward the wagon. A fith person can be seen leaning on a post past the wagon. A True Value Hardware Store is currenty located in this building.
[William Ortman Home]
Two story frame house with windmill, picket fence and two outlying buildings.
[Fay Canfield in a Wicker Chair]
Photograph of Fay Canfield as a child sitting in a wicker chair.
[Man in Military Uniform]
Photograph of an unidentified man in a military uniform, standing with one leg on a chair.
[Jamie Harris as a Child]
Photograph of Jamie Lou Walker Harris as a child standing in a field next to a dog. She wears a dress and has a large bow in her hair.
[Man on Ranch]
Photograph of Johnnie Zaiontz walking past a house surrounded by trees on the Tom Callaway Ranch in La Vernia, Texas.
[Photograph of Dr. Knox]
Photograph of Dr. Robert Taggert Knox, wearing a suit and a bow tie, sitting in a wooden chair in a study.
Alec Ormand
Photograph of Mr Alec Ormand on the night of the Butler's dance. Mr. Ormand appears to be quite young. He is wearing a three piece suit, white shirt and tie and a watch fob. In his left hand, he holds a thin cane or walking stick. His a felt hat is hanging from a fence post to his left. His right fist rests on his hip with his elbow cocked. This appears to be a posed photograph by a professional photographer. At the bottom of the photo are the words "Barr B San Antonio Texas", which may be the photographer's logo. His hair is dark and slicked back and he looks quite dapper.
The John Hern Gin
Photograph of the John Hern Gin in Fairview, Texas. Trees are in the front of the gin with the smokestack and water tower shown in the background.
[Photograph of James Ernest]
Photograph of James Ernest at 6 months old sitting on a quilted blanket in a wicker basket.
[Photograph of Marvin Quinney]
Photograph of Judge Marvin Quinney posing in his judge's robes in front of the Wilson County seal and an American flag. He holds a gavel in his hands.
[Mrs. Knox Reading a Book]
Photograph of the wife of Dr. Robert Taggert Knox sitting with a book open in her lap.
[Old Man with Two Children]
Photograph of a man sitting in a wooden chair, identified as Old Man Mac, holding baby Fay Elder on his lap. James Elder stands to the right, and a boardwalk is visible in the background.
[Photograph of Fay Canfield]
Photograph of Fay Canfield as a child, wearing a white shift.
[Photograph of J. E. Canfield]
Photograph of Judge J. E. Canfield posing in a chair in a vest, jacket, and bow tie. He holds a cane in one hand.
[Photo of Five Children]
Photograph of five children posing together in Wilson County, Texas. The three in the back row are identified as Fay, James, and Sidell Elder, and the baby and girl in the front row are Roberta and Annie Derum.
[Three Men with Cow]
Photograph of three men, including Sam Fore, Jr., standing in a corral with a cow in Wilson County, Texas. All three of them wear hats, and a wooden fence is visible in the background.
[Two-Story White House]
Photograph of a large two-story white house with spacious grounds on 3rd Street in Floresville, Texas. There are trees on a lawn, and a truck is parked in front of a garage to the right.
[The Canfield House]
Photograph of the exterior of the two-story Canfield House, with several pairs of columns at the front, and balconies on the second story and the roof.