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Single-Story House on 1st Street

Description: Photograph of a white, wood-paneled house in Floresville, Texas. The house is a single story with a conical point in the center and a wrap-around porch. The front of the house is hedged by bushes and there are trees and other plants surrounding the building. Text on the back of the photograph says, "Single frame house, 1st Street."
Date: 2010
Creator: Liles, Maurine

[Historians at Alvin Kuykendal Ranch]

Description: Photograph of several historians standing on a dirt road at the Alvin Kuykendal Ranch in Wilson County, Texas. Those in the back are, from left to right, John Grammer, Regina Kosub, and Maurine Liles, and those in the front are Allen Kosub, Gene Maeckel, and Alvin Kuykendal.
Date: 2009
Creator: Grammer, Shirley