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Wagon Train Rest
Wagon train taking a noontime rest enrout to Indianola on the San Antonio - Goliad Road.
[Photo of Anna Marie Magdeline Lepori]
Photograph of a woman identified as Anna Marie Magdeline Lepori wearing a dress with a ruffled collar.
[Photograph of a Young Boy]
Photograph of a young boy, identified as Leon Lepori, wearing a suit jacket and a bow tie.
[Photograph of Elizabeth Augustine Lepori]
Photograph of a woman identified as Elizabeth Augustine Lepori posing in a high-necked dress.
Floresville Academy Students (Literary Lovely)
Photograph of Floresville Academy students. Pictured from left to right are: Top Left; Green Gillett Back Row; Zella Dickey, Annie Hassay, Kate Isviss, Jennie Bayles, Lola Gilleth, Eugene Dickey, Bob Seale Middle Row; Julia Agee, Morra Garrison, Osie Lawhon, Mary Houston, Carrie Evans, Maria Agee, Nannie, Houston, Garrison Front Row; Alonzo Franks, unknown, Grnest LeLivingson, Professor Lopas, Allie Murrary, Ebbie Agee, Claude Thomas
[Laying Cornerstone of Courthouse]
Photograph of a group of people laying the cornerstone of the Wilson County courthouse in Floresville, Texas.
Alec Ormand
Photograph of Mr Alec Ormand on the night of the Butler's dance. Mr. Ormand appears to be quite young. He is wearing a three piece suit, white shirt and tie and a watch fob. In his left hand, he holds a thin cane or walking stick. His a felt hat is hanging from a fence post to his left. His right fist rests on his hip with his elbow cocked. This appears to be a posed photograph by a professional photographer. At the bottom of the photo are the words "Barr B San Antonio Texas", which may be the photographer's logo. His hair is dark and slicked back and he looks quite dapper.
[Photograph of Margarette Josephine]
Photograph of Margarette Josephine as a young girl, with ribbons tied around her pigtails.
[Floresville Tigers Baseball Team]
Photograph of the members of the Floresville Tigers baseball team posing in a line in their uniforms. They are, from left to right, Russell Houston, Albert Seale, R. Ezell, Tom Johnson, John Mayes, Horace Rideout, an unknown man, Clarence Myers, Sam Fore, and Homer Black.
The John Hern Gin
Photograph of the John Hern Gin in Fairview, Texas. Trees are in the front of the gin with the smokestack and water tower shown in the background.
Floresville Public School
Photograph of white, two-story, brick building with tres in foreground and water tower and trees in background.
J.A. Vornon & Son Blacksmith Shop
Photograph of blacksmith shop. Men and boys are standing under sign the left front of the shop that says "J.A. Varnon & Son". Horses drawing buggies are parked in front of the shop. The tower of the Wilson County Court House can be seen in the background.
[Baby in Large White Garment]
Photograph of baby James Hunten McDaniel wearing a large white garment and sitting in a chair with a blanket over it.
Floresville Trades Day, 1906
This is a photograph of a hanging picture of downtown Floresville during the 1906 Trade Days. This photo shows the buildings, people, horses, wagon. On the back of the photograph it is noted that Mrs. Ed Franklin was queen and Rosalie Stevenson and Maude Neal were the princesses. R.R. Smith, attorney, crowned the queen for the festivities.
Floresville School Students
Photograph of students in front of school house. The card held by the boy in the middle of the front row says; Floresville, Texas. The boy's name is Haywood McDaniel. The boy who is third from the right in the first row is Charlie Culpepper. The teacher on the top row, far left, is Miss Myrtle Hurley (Mrs. Ed Franklin).
[Interior of White House Cafe]
Photograph of the interior of the White House Cafe in Floresville, Texas. Several tables and chairs are set up to the right of the counter and stairs, and a sign leading to the wash room is visible in the background.
W.E. Crandell Photography
Photograph of white frame building sign that says, "Photographer".
Bathing Pool, Bath house and Pavillion
Artist rendering of the bathing pool, bath house and pavillion that opened for operation in 1910. The drawing features large buildings, a fresh water pool and the tree lined stream.
A.W. Murray Furniture Store
Photograph of single-story, brick building. Furniture can be seen in the front of the builg as well as part of awagon on the left end.
Farmer's Cotton Gin
Photograph of large metal building with water tower to the right and a wind mill to the rear. Bales of cotton are on the loading deck with men two men standing behind the bales. Label on photo states: "Farmers Cotton Gin, Poth , Texas - 1911, The first bales of cotton ginned".
Farmers Cotton Gin
Photograph of large gin building. Baling equipment and three men are in the front of loading dock. Several men are standing on the loading dock. A water tower can be seen on the right side of the building and a windmill is visible in the background.
[J. E. Canfield on a Camping Trip]
Photograph of J. E. Canfield sitting in a chair in front of a line of trees while on a camping trip.
[Students at Fairview School]
Photograph of the Fairview School students of the 1911-1912 school year in front of a building in Cleveland, Texas. Several of them are identified as Jim Ray, Lloyd Rawls, Fletchard Bell, Burton Hill, principal Wynne Seale, Ella Bell, Earl Morse, Ester Phillips, teacher Bessie Burris, Pearl English, Pansy Henson, Clarabel McKenzie, Agnes Hill, Stella Hearn, Isabel Phillips, Lucille Gentry, Iley Ray, Violet Henson, and Betty Wright.
Central Rexall Drug Store
Photograph of the front of the I. D. Flores Drug Store. A wagon drawn by a single horse is in front of the store. Sitting on the seat of the wagon is Benjamin A. Quintanilla; holding the horse is Eligio P. Castro; and standing by the hitching post is I. D. Flores.
I. D. Flores Drug Store
Interior of I. D. Flores Drug Story in Floresville, Texas. Identified in the photo is druggist I. D. Flores,Sr. and Benjamin A. Quintanilla.
Floresville High School
Photograph of large three story, brick school building with trees in foreground.
J. W. Manak Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop
Photograph of blacksmith shop. Two men and three children are standing by the doorway in front of the shop. The sign on facade states: "J.W.MANAK, BLACKSMITH & WOODWORK".
Floresville Baptist Church
Photograph of white frame church building. There is a picket fence on the right and left sides of the church. Several buildings can be seen in the background.
Saspamco-Sewer Pipe Factory, 1914-1915
Three photographs of the San Antonio Sewer Pipe Manufacturing Company factory in Saspamco, Texas. At the top, two men wearing suits and hats are standing on a brick wall, in front of two additional brick-wall tiers; the ground below them appears to be graveled. The photograph on the bottom-left appears to be the front of the factory; the building has checkered brick-patterns and a series of windows. The third photo, on the right side shows a dirt path outside the factory. Pipe pieces are stacked to the right of the path and, on the left, various other items are stacked around curved fencing; several tall pillars are visible in the background. Text below the photographs says: "Saspamco -- Sewer Pipe Factory, Around 1914 or 1915."
Poth Texas Stores, circa 1919
Photograph of store fronts in Poth, Texas. centered in photo is "Guarantee Furniture & Hardware Co." To the left is Wm Eckel Store and to the right is Paul Braden Meat Market. Three men are standing on the porch of the hardware store. A white horse hook to wagon is in front of the Eckel store and the back of a wago is in front of the meat market.
[Children in Costumes]
Photograph of a group of school children in costumes standing in front of a building. A water cistern is visible to the right.
Poth after 1920 Fire
Two photographs of Poth Texas showing the destruction of the fire in 1920 that destroyed the hardware store, meat market, bank, and drug store.
Second Gin built in Poth, TX
Photograph of large gin building with smoke stack. Water tower is seen in background.
Third Street Floresville
Original dirt road leading into the downtown area of Floresville, Texas. This is Third Street heading east toward the county courthouse. In the photo is a Now Open sign for the newly constructed filling station. The courthouse bell tower and be seen in the background.
[Dewees School Students]
Photograph of the students of the 1923-1924 school term at Dewees School in Wilson County, Texas. The teachers are identified as Ada Warren and Naomi Tom.
[Young School Children]
Photograph of the children of the 1923-1924 school year outside the Dewees School in Wilson County, Texas. The teacher, who sits in the center of the middle row, is identified as Ada Warren.
[Woman and Children on Bridge]
Photograph of two children and a woman, identified as Gertrude Tewes Toney, Gene Tewes, and Lydia Tewes, standing next to a car on the La Vernia High Bridge over the Cibolo Creek in La Vernia, Texas.
[Wilson County Jail]
Photograph of the exterior of the Wilson County Jail in Floresville, Texas. A wooden fence surrounds the building, which served as the jail and sheriff's residence from 1887-1974, and is currently the Wilson County Jailhouse Museum.
[Men in Front of Railroad]
Photograph of three men standing in front of the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railroad, and two standing on the steps leading into the train car.
[Snowfall in Floresville, Texas]
Photograph of an aerial view of a neighborhood in Floresville, Texas covered in 3 inches of snow.
Blue Bonnet Courts
Photograph of a park with Pecan trees, tables and benches. Small cabins can be seen in the background. Label on photograph says Pecan Park.
Sheriff George Boothe, 1937-1938
Portrait of George Boothe, sheriff of Wilson County, Texas, standing out-of-doors in front of an unidentified building. He is wearing a light-colored uniform with a dark tie as well as a hat and utility belt holding bullets. Handwritten text on the back of the photograph says: "Sheriff Boot[he"]. George Boothe, 1937 to 1938, Mrs. Geo. Boothe was appointed sherrif [sic] in May 1939 due to the death of her husband." and "WCHS prop., donated by Sherriff [sic] 'Pete' Bauman, 1990."
[Douglas Fitzgerald on Fence]
Photograph of Douglas Fitzgerald sitting on the fence in front of the house of W. D. Mayes and Mary Ann Eliza Cotton Mayes near Stockdale, Texas.
Hermann Sons Hall - Poth
Photograph of large frame building with flames and smoke over it. Snow is on roof that isn't burnt.
[Inside Smith Drug Store]
Photograph of three women and two men inside the Smith Drug Store in Floresville, Texas. They are, from left to right, Altha Burkett; Theodore A. Rohr; Edwin Forrest Smith, Sr.; Mrs. Jess Beam; and Mrs. Thelma Brooks.
[Methodist Church Choir]
Photograph of the Floresville, Texas Methodist Church choir in the choir loft behind the pulpit. A woman sits at a piano to the left.
Sheriff Paul Ermler, 1946-1952
Portrait of Paul Ermler, sheriff of Wilson County, Texas, visible from the chest up. He is wearing a dark-colored shirt and jacket with a hat. Handwritten text on the back of the photograph says: "Paul Ermler, 1946-52." and "WCHS prop., donated by Sherrif [sic] 'Pete' Bauman, Nov. 1990."
[People at Library]
Photograph of two women and two children standing under the awning at the front entrance to the Martha Eschenberg Public Library in Floresville, Texas. A tree is visible in the background.
[Man by Gas Pumps]
Photograph of Edwin Johnson standing by the gas pumps at the grand opening of the Sinclair Gasoline station in Wilson County, Texas.
[Photograph of Peter Schiffers]
Photograph of a man identified as Peter Clement Schiffers posing in a hat.