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Gail Schrieber at Rancho De Los Cabras Ruins
Photograph of...
Gail Schriber at the Barker-Hubinger House
Photograph of Gail Schriber at the Barker-Hubinger house. She is wearing a white, belted dress and is holding a glass in her right hand. She is wearing Keds-type tennis shoes. She stands to the rights of a recessed screened door, with a concrete step in front of it. The outer wall of the house is red sandstone with thick mortar.
Ed Swift
Photograph of Mr. Ed Smith by professional photographer Crandal of Floresville, Texas. Mr. Swift looks straight into the camera with a serious expression. He is wearing a suit jacket with a pin in his lapel. His shirt is white and he wears a dark tie.
Alec Ormand
Photograph of Mr Alec Ormand on the night of the Butler's dance. Mr. Ormand appears to be quite young. He is wearing a three piece suit, white shirt and tie and a watch fob. In his left hand, he holds a thin cane or walking stick. His a felt hat is hanging from a fence post to his left. His right fist rests on his hip with his elbow cocked. This appears to be a posed photograph by a professional photographer. At the bottom of the photo are the words "Barr B San Antonio Texas", which may be the photographer's logo. His hair is dark and slicked back and he looks quite dapper.
Texas Ranger Captain Joe Shely and wife, Mary Shely
Photograph of Captain Joe and Mrs. Mary Shely, posed for a cabinet portrait, studio in Corpus Christi, Texas. The photo shows the couple from mid-chest up. Their heads are tilted together. Captain Shely has a bushy mustache and well-trimmed, dark hair. Mrs. Shely has tightly curled, dark hair. She is wearing a dark pleated dress or blouse with a broach at the neck. Captain Shely is wearing a dark suit with something other than a tie at the neck, possibly an ascot, with a white shirt collar. His top button is buttoned, making the neck tight. The next button is undone.
Ed Dewees
Studio portrait of Ed Dewees, son of Thomas Dewees. Ed Dewees appears to be a teeanager. He is sitting on a large, imitation stone, leaning on his left elbow on another imitation stone. In his right hand, he holds a narrow cane. He is wearing a dark suit and white shirt with perhaps a white tie. His hair is rather long on top and very curly and dark. He is wearing dark boots and his hat is on the ground by his right foot. His legs are crossed. The photographer's back drape shows a tree to the left of the photo. The photographer's name and information is at the bottom: Callaway, San Antonio, Texas
Mary Bell King
Portrait of Mary Bell King as a young child. Her blonde curls are styled is a short and stylish fashion. Her baby smile is sweet and endearing she is wearing a white lacy dress. She is posed with her ankles crossed and is wearing black patent leather shoes.
R. V. Arnold and H. W. Berryman
Two members of Hood's Texas Brigade pose for formal photos during their reunion that took place in Floresville, Texas on October 13, 1915. Pictured left to right is R.V. Arnold of Rockdale, Texas and H. W. Berryman of Cherokee County, Texas. Both gentlemen are wearing their reunion ribbons.
Mrs. W. B. Toone
Mrs. W. B. Toone poses for a professional photograph studio. She is wear of beautifully embroidered gown that is dark in color with butterfly design stitching,
John Nance Garner
John Nance Garner of uvale, Texas as Vice President of the United State. Mr. Garner is photographed in a suit and tie.
R. W. Hubert
R. W. Hubert poses for a professional portrait. Mr. Hubert was a member of Hood's Texas Brigade. This protrait was taken during Hood's Brigade Reunion that was in Floresville on October 13, 1915. Mr. Hubert has a long beard with a short haircut. He is wearing a dark suit with his Hood's Brigade reunion pin. In his breast pocket there looks to be other photos.
Captain Will Wright
Captain William (Will) Lee Wright of the Texas Rangers. Captain Wright has piercing eyes with bushy full musche. He is dressed in a white shirt, patterned tie and dark suit.
Man, Woman and Holy Bible
Unknown man and women photographed. They are an older couple and she has her left hand on his shoulder. The man is dressed in a dark three piece suit with white shirt. There is a chair from his vest to a pocket. The man is holding a large copy of the Holy Bible. The couple may be standing in front of a scalloped pattern quilt.
Rev. Eli Yarbrough Seale
Photograph of Rev. Eli Yarbrough Seale. Mr. Seale has a short style haircut and bushy beard. He is dreased in a white collared shirt and a dark suit with vest. Taken by photographer P. B. Barnes of Floresville, Texas.
Judge S. T. Morris
County Judge S. T. Morris for Wilson County Texas. Judge Morris dressed in a starch white shirt and dark tuxedo with a bow tie.
Peter B. Barnes
Photographer Peter Barnes is posed to be counting his fingers. He is posed to take the photo in profile style. He is dressed in a suite. He is sporting his short haircut and full beard.
Survivors of Captain J. H. Callihan Rangers
Individuals photgraphed include on the first row left to right is D. C. Burleson, Dave Wattin, and Simple Tom. In the second row from left to right is Bill Pitts, John Campbell and John Samson. The three gentlemen in the first row are dressed in dark suites with white shirts and bow ties. The three men in the second row also have white shirts by long ties. All six men have white ribbons pinned to their right lapels.
[Photograph of Young Children]
Photograph of a group of young girls in white dresses and veils and carrying flower bouquets and young boys in suits in Cleveland, Texas.
Portrait of Sam V. Houston
Oval photograph of Sam V. Houston in a bust pose. He is wearing a jacket, striped tie, and light-colored shirt. "Sam V. Houston" is written under the photograph in red ink.
Jeff Varnon & Mexican Chowako
Two men sitting on plows pulled by mules.
[Sports Team]
Photograph of three rows of men on a sports team in Wilson County, Texas.
[Photograph of a Scrimmage]
Photograph of high school football players lined up in a scrimmage in a field in Wilson County, Texas.
Cyril Patterson
Photograph of Cyril Patterson was head of the First National Bank of Floresville. Mr. Patterson has a very serious face. He is wearing a white collared shirt, patterned tie and striped jacket.
Unidentifed Man
White haired gentleman in a suit. This photo was taken by P. B. Barnes of Floresville, Texas.
First Grand Jury of Wilson County
Photograph of fourteen men who were members of the first grand jury in Wilson County, Texas. They are posing together in two rows in front of an interior wall. Handwritten information on the back includes the names of the jurors and a note that says, "Aug 5, 1960, Sam Fere, Jr.'s Aunt. 1st Grand Jury of Wilson Co." First row (seated): N. B. Patterson, Herb Polley, Mr. Flores, S. V. Houston, Mr. Houck, P. J. Henry. Back row (standing): Nemencio de la Zerda, C. Sikes, Martin Covington, T. A. Hardin, J. A. McDonald, James Brown (county attorney), J. Kolodziej, Billie Atkinson (district attorney).
Original Creed Taylor House
The Creed Taylor house is featured in this photo. Photographed are (first row left to right) Willie Lightfoot Fraesier, Pearl Lorenz, Oliver Lightfoot and Adolph Houseton; (second row left to right) Eunice Ware, John Peter Lorenz, Sr., Wilhelmina Schell Lorenz, Lena Lorenz, Katie Lorenz, John Peter Lorenz, Jr.
A.H. Poth Building - built 1914
Photograph of two-story brick building. Two people are standing at the entry door. An early model car is parked in front of the store. Several kegs are stacked at a side entrance.
Poth Texas Stores, circa 1919
Photograph of store fronts in Poth, Texas. centered in photo is "Guarantee Furniture & Hardware Co." To the left is Wm Eckel Store and to the right is Paul Braden Meat Market. Three men are standing on the porch of the hardware store. A white horse hook to wagon is in front of the Eckel store and the back of a wago is in front of the meat market.
Poth Bank, Drug Store, and Hotel
Photograph of Poth Texas prior to 1921 fire. In the photo are the bank, drug store and Plaza Hotel. A man and horse are standing in the street.
Poth after 1920 Fire
Two photographs of Poth Texas showing the destruction of the fire in 1920 that destroyed the hardware store, meat market, bank, and drug store.
Farmer's Cotton Gin
Photograph of large metal building with water tower to the right and a wind mill to the rear. Bales of cotton are on the loading deck with men two men standing behind the bales. Label on photo states: "Farmers Cotton Gin, Poth , Texas - 1911, The first bales of cotton ginned".
Hermann Sons Hall - Poth
Photograph of large frame building with flames and smoke over it. Snow is on roof that isn't burnt.
Hardware Store, Drug Store, and Bank
Photograph of several buildings. People are standing on the porch of the building on the left. Three horse drawn wagons and a saddle horse are in front of the buildings. A man and a woman are in the wagon on the far right.
Farmers Cotton Gin
Photograph of large gin building. Baling equipment and three men are in the front of loading dock. Several men are standing on the loading dock. A water tower can be seen on the right side of the building and a windmill is visible in the background.
Second Gin built in Poth, TX
Photograph of large gin building with smoke stack. Water tower is seen in background.
J. W. Manak Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop
Photograph of blacksmith shop. Two men and three children are standing by the doorway in front of the shop. The sign on facade states: "J.W.MANAK, BLACKSMITH & WOODWORK".
Wm. Eckel Building - 1915
Photograph of two-story brick building. Several people are standing in front of the building. An early model car is parked on the side. Two hitched mules are behind the car. A utility pole with no visible wires is in front of the the building.
Store in Saspamco
Photograph of two-story building. Stairs on right side go to second floor. Three men are standing on the porch.
Saspamco-Sewer Pipe Factory, 1914-1915
Three photographs of the San Antonio Sewer Pipe Manufacturing Company factory in Saspamco, Texas. At the top, two men wearing suits and hats are standing on a brick wall, in front of two additional brick-wall tiers; the ground below them appears to be graveled. The photograph on the bottom-left appears to be the front of the factory; the building has checkered brick-patterns and a series of windows. The third photo, on the right side shows a dirt path outside the factory. Pipe pieces are stacked to the right of the path and, on the left, various other items are stacked around curved fencing; several tall pillars are visible in the background. Text below the photographs says: "Saspamco -- Sewer Pipe Factory, Around 1914 or 1915."
San Antonio - Cuero Road
Photograph of a narrow paved road in the open countyside; fields and trees are visible on either side. A handwritten note on the back says "S.A. - Cuero."
Railroad Track next to the San Antonio - Cuero Road
San Antonio to Port Aransas Railroad track. The railroad track is pictured on the left side of the photo and the road is on the right.
[Wheeler Mill Sluice]
Photograph of Wheeler Mill sluice controlling the water flow to the mill on the Cibolo Creek in Wilson County, Texas. A tree is visible to the right.
[Wheeler's Mill on the Cibolo Creek]
Photograph of Wheeler's Mill building on a cliff above the Cibolo Creek near the city of Stockdale, Texas.
San Antonio to Cuero Road
Photograph of the open road between San Antonio, Texas and Cuero, Texas. There are two unknown men sitting of the railing of the bridge.
San Antonio to Cuero Road
Photograph of the paved highway from San Antonio, Texas to Cuero, Texas. Included in the photo is a building on the left side that appears to be a gas filling station.
San Antonio to Cuero Road
Photograph of the open road between San Antonio, Texas and Cuero, Texas. The paved road is tree lined depicts the vastness of the Texas countryside.
Stockdale, Texas
This is a photo of how the San Antonio to Cuero road looked when the road arrived in Stockdale, Texas. Several buildings and an early model car can be seen in the photo.
Citizens of Stockdale
Photograph of several early citizens of Stockdale, Texas. The seated row included Robert Bishof, H. E. Edmiston, J.G. McCoy and Cornelison. Standing in the second row is Henry Smith, W.S. Palm, Jim Sutton, Jim J. Gresson, and Wiley R. Park. This photo was taken in the early 1900's.
First State Bank of Sutherland Springs
Photograph of the bank at old town Sutherland Springs, Texas. Photographed outside of the bank from left to rightr is Unknown, Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Ford, Mrs. John Sutherland, 2 unidentified individuals, Mr. Winters, Bethel Field and 2 more unidentified individuals.
Bathing Pool, Bath house and Pavillion
Artist rendering of the bathing pool, bath house and pavillion that opened for operation in 1910. The drawing features large buildings, a fresh water pool and the tree lined stream.