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[Barker-Huebinger House]

Description: Photograph of the exterior of the Barker-Huebinger House in Wilson County, Texas. Trees, a Texas Historical Commission plaque, a wrought iron fence, and two flags on a pole are visible in front of the building.
Date: unknown
Creator: Grammer, Shirley

[Boy Scouts with Banners]

Description: Photograph of a group of boy scouts and their scout master posing with several banners. Those in the back row are Elbert Franklin, Howard McDaniel, Dale McKenzie, Charlie Culpepper, Frank Woolsey, Henry Timberlake, and Louie McNeil. Those in the front row are Henry Lee Dennis, Charlie Cockrell, Roy Seale, Terrell Toone, scout master W. H. Butler, Jesse Franklin, and Webb Carnes.
Date: unknown

The "Bradwin" Farm

Description: Photograph of frame house with porch extending across the front. Two women are sitting in chairs on the porch; two children are sitting on the steps of the porch; a man is leaning against the porch on the right side. Trees are on both side of the house with a barn in the background.
Date: unknown

"C" Street, Floresville, TX

Description: Photo of the busy downtown street in Floresville, Texas. The photo was taken at the corners of Third and what is today "C" streets. The business in the near right is the First National Bank next door to the Bakery. Noteworthy in this photo is the electric or telephone pole that is outside the bank.
Date: unknown
Creator: G. KruPe Co. Milwakee