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Citizens of Stockdale

Description: Photograph of several early citizens of Stockdale, Texas. The seated row included Robert Bishof, H. E. Edmiston, J.G. McCoy and Cornelison. Standing in the second row is Henry Smith, W.S. Palm, Jim Sutton, Jim J. Gresson, and Wiley R. Park. This photo was taken in the early 1900's.
Date: unknown

[Courthouse Officials]

Description: Photograph of a group of courthouse officials and a small child on the steps of a brick building. Two of the men in the front row are John Erskine Wiseman and Judge E. D. Mayes, and the three men in the back row are Mr. Trice, L. B. Moseley, and Otho Irvin. The rest are, in no order, John McDaniel, Clem McDaniel, Frank Henson, Albert McDaniel, and Nomenico de la Zerda.
Date: unknown

Courthouse Yard

Description: Photo taken from the bell tower of the Wilson County Courthouse looking down onto the front yard. Photograph is of what is now the corners of Third and "C" street. Businesses beyond the beautiful courtyard include Rhode One Price Cash Store, John Driffith Co., and The Palace.
Date: unknown

Cox Confectionary Store

Description: Photograph of the inside of Cox Confectionary soda counter. There are two men behind the soda counter with ties on. One customer appears to be holding or standing close behind a Coca-Cola cut out at the end of the candy counter. There is a fourth gentleman seated on a bar stool in checkered pants, linen shirt and cowboy hat with a soda glass in hand.
Date: unknown

Cyril Patterson

Description: Photograph of Cyril Patterson was head of the First National Bank of Floresville. Mr. Patterson has a very serious face. He is wearing a white collared shirt, patterned tie and striped jacket.
Date: unknown

Dewees, Texas Post Office

Description: On the porch of the building is a man seated, a woman standing with another woman seated with child in arms. Water cistern on the left side of the building with a pipe attched to the roof gutter. It is a single story wood frame building with an attic window. Lower windows open.
Date: unknown