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Cyril Patterson
Photograph of Cyril Patterson was head of the First National Bank of Floresville. Mr. Patterson has a very serious face. He is wearing a white collared shirt, patterned tie and striped jacket.
I. D. Flores Drug Store
Interior of I. D. Flores Drug Story in Floresville, Texas. Identified in the photo is druggist I. D. Flores,Sr. and Benjamin A. Quintanilla.
[Desk Inside Public Library]
Photograph of a large desk inside the Martha Eschenberg Public Library in Floresville, Texas. Bookshelves are visible in the background.
[Detail of Top of Bank Door]
Photograph of a close-up of the stone carving detail at the top of a rusty vault door on an old bank building in Sutherland Springs, Texas.
[Dewees-Remschel House]
Photograph of the exterior of the Dewees-Remschel House in Wilson County, Texas. Tree branches are visible to the left.
Dewees School House
Rustic wood frame school house with shutters on windows. Five men standing outside in front of the door next to a small pile of wood.
[Dewees School Students]
Photograph of the students of the 1923-1924 school term at Dewees School in Wilson County, Texas. The teachers are identified as Ada Warren and Naomi Tom.
Dewees, Texas Post Office
On the porch of the building is a man seated, a woman standing with another woman seated with child in arms. Water cistern on the left side of the building with a pipe attched to the roof gutter. It is a single story wood frame building with an attic window. Lower windows open.
[Dirt Road in Front of Building]
Photograph of a dirt road running in front of a building in Wilson County, Texas. Bales of hay are stacked in the building's yard, behind a wire and wood fence.
[Dirt Road in Front of Building]
Photograph of a dirt road in front of a brick building in Wilson County, Texas. Small shrubs are visible in front of the building.
[Douglas Fitzgerald on Fence]
Photograph of Douglas Fitzgerald sitting on the fence in front of the house of W. D. Mayes and Mary Ann Eliza Cotton Mayes near Stockdale, Texas.
[Dr. Boykin's House]
Photograph of the exterior of the two-story house of Dr. Boykin in Wilson County, Texas. There is a wrap-around porch on both floors to the left.
[Dr. Messinger's Grave Stone]
Photograph of the grave stone of Dr. Messinger in Wyatt Cemetery somewhere in Wilson County, Texas.
[Dry Hollow Bridge]
Photograph of the Dry Hollow Bridge in La Vernia, Texas. Trees are visible on both sides of the bridge.
[E. E. Perry Drugstore]
Photograph of three women and five men standing on the porch of the E. E. Perry Drugstore in Sutherland Springs, Texas.
Ed Dewees
Studio portrait of Ed Dewees, son of Thomas Dewees. Ed Dewees appears to be a teeanager. He is sitting on a large, imitation stone, leaning on his left elbow on another imitation stone. In his right hand, he holds a narrow cane. He is wearing a dark suit and white shirt with perhaps a white tie. His hair is rather long on top and very curly and dark. He is wearing dark boots and his hat is on the ground by his right foot. His legs are crossed. The photographer's back drape shows a tree to the left of the photo. The photographer's name and information is at the bottom: Callaway, San Antonio, Texas
Ed Swift
Photograph of Mr. Ed Smith by professional photographer Crandal of Floresville, Texas. Mr. Swift looks straight into the camera with a serious expression. He is wearing a suit jacket with a pin in his lapel. His shirt is white and he wears a dark tie.
[Exterior of a House]
Photograph of the exterior of a house in Wilson County, Texas. There are trees in the yard behind a chain link fence.
[Exterior of the Yndo Ranch]
Photograph of the exterior of the Yndo Ranch house in Wilson County, Texas. Furniture is visible on the patio to the left and there are tree branches in the top corners.
[F. F. Konecny Building]
Photograph of two men standing on the porch of the F. F. Konecny store in Wilson County, Texas.
F. W. Extence House
Photograph of white frame house with a wide front porch. Seven adults are standing on the porch; a litte girl is standing in the yard in front of the house.
[Faith of Our Fathers Sesquicentennial]
Photograph of a group of people standing around a bouquet of flowers on a carved chair during the sesquicentennial celebration in Wilson County, Texas. They are, from left to right, John Grammer, Judge Marvin Quinney, Maurine Liles in pioneer dress, LaJuana Leus, and Alene Quinney.
Farmer's Cotton Gin
Photograph of large metal building with water tower to the right and a wind mill to the rear. Bales of cotton are on the loading deck with men two men standing behind the bales. Label on photo states: "Farmers Cotton Gin, Poth , Texas - 1911, The first bales of cotton ginned".
Farmers Cotton Gin
Photograph of large gin building. Baling equipment and three men are in the front of loading dock. Several men are standing on the loading dock. A water tower can be seen on the right side of the building and a windmill is visible in the background.
[Fay Canfield in a Wicker Chair]
Photograph of Fay Canfield as a child sitting in a wicker chair.
[Fay Canfield on Walkway]
Photograph of Fay Canfield, as a child, sitting on the walkway leading up to a house in Wilson County, Texas. Plants are visible in front of the house.
[Fence and Sign at Polley Cemetery]
Photograph of a fence and a sign at the front of the Polley Cemetery in Wilson County, Texas. Benches, trees, and a historic marker are visible on the other side of the fence.
[Field in Front of Brick House]
Photograph of a grassy field in front of a large two-story brick house on F Street in Floresville, Texas. A tree is visible in front of the building to the right.
Fine Colts on the Stevens' Ranch
Photograph of horses and colts in a corral. Buildings are seen in the background.
First Grand Jury of Wilson County
Photograph of fourteen men who were members of the first grand jury in Wilson County, Texas. They are posing together in two rows in front of an interior wall. Handwritten information on the back includes the names of the jurors and a note that says, "Aug 5, 1960, Sam Fere, Jr.'s Aunt. 1st Grand Jury of Wilson Co." First row (seated): N. B. Patterson, Herb Polley, Mr. Flores, S. V. Houston, Mr. Houck, P. J. Henry. Back row (standing): Nemencio de la Zerda, C. Sikes, Martin Covington, T. A. Hardin, J. A. McDonald, James Brown (county attorney), J. Kolodziej, Billie Atkinson (district attorney).
First State Bank of Sutherland Springs
Photograph of the bank at old town Sutherland Springs, Texas. Photographed outside of the bank from left to rightr is Unknown, Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Ford, Mrs. John Sutherland, 2 unidentified individuals, Mr. Winters, Bethel Field and 2 more unidentified individuals.
[Five People at Sesquicentennial]
Photograph of John Grammer, Shirley Grammer, Maurine Liles, who wears a pioneer outfit, LaJuana Leus, and Allene Quinney, standing by a flower bouquet on a wooden chair, for the sesquicentennial of Wilson County, Texas.
Floresville Academy Students (Literary Lovely)
Photograph of Floresville Academy students. Pictured from left to right are: Top Left; Green Gillett Back Row; Zella Dickey, Annie Hassay, Kate Isviss, Jennie Bayles, Lola Gilleth, Eugene Dickey, Bob Seale Middle Row; Julia Agee, Morra Garrison, Osie Lawhon, Mary Houston, Carrie Evans, Maria Agee, Nannie, Houston, Garrison Front Row; Alonzo Franks, unknown, Grnest LeLivingson, Professor Lopas, Allie Murrary, Ebbie Agee, Claude Thomas
Floresville Baptist Church
Photograph of white frame church building. There is a picket fence on the right and left sides of the church. Several buildings can be seen in the background.
Floresville Baptist Church
Black and white photograph of the Floresville Baptist Church. There are two entries into the building with steps leading up to the doorways. In the front of the building is a lovely stain glass window. To one side of the building is a white picket fence and behind the church is a water tower and concrete building.
[Floresville City Hall]
Photograph of the exterior of the city hall building on D Street in Floresville, Texas. A road is visible in the foreground, and there are trees and cars to the right.
Floresville German Luthern Church
Photograph of white frame church with double doors in front.
Floresville High School
Photograph of brick school building.
Floresville High School
Photograph of large three story, brick school building with trees in foreground.
Floresville Methodist Church
Black and white photo of the Floresville Methodist Church congregation as photographed by news editor Same Fore, Jr. in 1941. A group of church goers standing in fron the the Methodist Church.
[Floresville Peanut Festival]
Photograph of a crowd of men and women wearing paper hats at a peanut festival in the Hall of Horns at the Lone Star Brewery in San Antonio, Texas. Two stuffed deer are visible in the foreground, and several animal heads are mounted on the wall to the left.
[Floresville Playground]
Photograph of a playground in Floresville, Texas. Trees are visible in the background.
Floresville Public School
Photograph of white, two-story, brick building with tres in foreground and water tower and trees in background.
[Floresville Railroad Depot]
Photograph of the yellow railroad depot building in Floresville, Texas. Trees and a building are visible to the left.
Floresville School Students
Photograph of students in front of school house. The card held by the boy in the middle of the front row says; Floresville, Texas. The boy's name is Haywood McDaniel. The boy who is third from the right in the first row is Charlie Culpepper. The teacher on the top row, far left, is Miss Myrtle Hurley (Mrs. Ed Franklin).
[Floresville Tigers Baseball Team]
Photograph of the members of the Floresville Tigers baseball team posing in a line in their uniforms. They are, from left to right, Russell Houston, Albert Seale, R. Ezell, Tom Johnson, John Mayes, Horace Rideout, an unknown man, Clarence Myers, Sam Fore, and Homer Black.
Floresville Trades Day, 1906
This is a photograph of a hanging picture of downtown Floresville during the 1906 Trade Days. This photo shows the buildings, people, horses, wagon. On the back of the photograph it is noted that Mrs. Ed Franklin was queen and Rosalie Stevenson and Maude Neal were the princesses. R.R. Smith, attorney, crowned the queen for the festivities.
[Four Men by Fence]
Photograph of four men, identified as Gene Maeckel, John Grammer, Allen Kosub, and Bobby Hastings, standing at the site of the 40-Mile Hole in Wilson County, Texas. A wire fence is visible to the left.
[Four People By Bench]
Photograph of two women, including Mrs. Richard Voges on the right, seated on a bench, and two men, including Ernst Marx to the right, standing behind it.
[Four People in Front of Building]
Photograph of four people, identified as Gene Maeckel, Robert Thonhoff, Maurine Liles, and Shirley Grammer, posing in front of a building in Karnes City, Texas.