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[1929 Yell Leaders]

Description: Page from the Oak Leaf of the Weatherford College Yell Leaders. Photos taken in 1929: Weatherford, Texas.
Date: 1929

[Annie Hand]

Description: Photo of Annie Hand. Photo taken in 1924: Weatherford, Texas.
Date: 1924

["Boys will be boys"]

Description: Page of photos of male Weatherford College students, names unknown. Title of the page is "Boys will be boys." Photos taken in 1927: Weatherford, Texas.
Date: 1927

[Charles Griffin]

Description: Photo of Charles Griffin. Photo taken in 1927: Weatherford, Texas.
Date: 1927

[Female Weatherford College students, c. 1920]

Description: Photo of female Weatherford College students. Photo taken in 1920: Weatherford, Texas. The women are holding hands, standing in a semi-circle, wearing light-colored outfits and sailor ties.
Date: 1920
Creator: Land's Studio

[John W. Hudson, Popular Boy]

Description: Page from "The Oak Leaf" with two photos of John W. Hudson, Popular Boy. Photo taken in 1926: Weatherford, Texas.
Date: 1926