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[1929 Yell Leaders]

Description: Page from the Oak Leaf of the Weatherford College Yell Leaders. Photos taken in 1929: Weatherford, Texas.
Date: 1929
Item Type: Photograph

[Signed portrait of Rep. Omar Burleson]

Description: Autographed photo of Rep. Omar Burleson from the Jim Wright Collection. Burleson is sitting at a desk with a window (view of the U. S. Capitol Building) and American flag in the background. Photo circa 1950.
Date: 1950~
Item Type: Photograph

[G. R. Thomas]

Description: Photo of G. R. Thomas, member of the Demosthenic Society. Photo taken in 1899: Weatherford, Texas.
Date: 1899/1900
Item Type: Photograph

[Marjorie Black Alkek with her benefactor plaque]

Description: Photo of Marjorie Black Alkek standing in front of a plaque that reads: "Marjorie Black Alkek Drama Wing, Marjorie Black Alkek ('44), Is A Benefactor of the College and Her Generosity Helped Make This Facility Possible". Photo taken in Weatherford, Texas.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Photograph