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[N. E. Adams]

Description: Photo of N.E. Adams. He was a member of the Demosthenic society and taught business courses in the 1890s at Weatherford College. He died in 1958. Photo taken in 1899: Weatherford, Texas.
Date: 1899

[Female Students, 1893]

Description: Photo of Weatherford College students. Back row, l to r: Lizzie May Lewis (Mrs. Fred Tucker), Lota Gordon, Dora Eddlemon (Mrs. Simmons), Lizzie Garrett (Mrs. Byrd), Virgie Corn Yeager. Front roe, l to r: Annie Yeager, Daisy Smith Buchanan, Rose Smith Ollo, Mary Cooper Haney Carter. Photo taken in 1893: Weatherford, Texas by photography studio Whittaker and Kennedy.
Date: 1893

[Female Weatherford College students, c. 1920]

Description: Photo of female Weatherford College students. Photo taken in 1920: Weatherford, Texas. The women are holding hands, standing in a semi-circle, wearing light-colored outfits and sailor ties.
Date: 1920
Creator: Land's Studio

[Ford Hood]

Description: Photo of Ford Hood, Class of 1935. He is wearing a "Coyotees" jacket. Photo taken in 1935: Weatherford, Texas.
Date: 1935

[Four male students, c. 1890]

Description: Photo of four male Weatherford College students posing in front of a backdrop. Two men are seated and the other two men are standing behind them. Photo circa 1890: Weatherford, Texas.
Date: 1890~

[Four students at a jukebox]

Description: Photo of four Weatherford College students standing around a jukebox. Photo circa 1950: Weatherford, Texas.
Date: 1950~

[Fritz G. Lanham]

Description: Photo of Fritz G. Lanham, from the Jim Wright Collection. Photo circa 1950.
Date: 1950~
Creator: Lanham, Fritz G.

[G. R. Thomas]

Description: Photo of G. R. Thomas, member of the Demosthenic Society. Photo taken in 1899: Weatherford, Texas.
Date: 1899/1900

[Georgia Layne Martin]

Description: Photo of Georgia Layne Martin, Class of 1935. Photo taken in 1935: Weatherford, Texas.
Date: 1935