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[Aerial view of streets in Granger]
Photograph of aerial view in Granger of streets and homes.
[Bailing hay with mules]
Photograph of bailing hay on Frank Cmerck farm, near Granger.
[Buckner & Pennington Livery & Feed]
Photograph of a group of men and horses in front of Buckner and Pennington Livery and Feed Stable in Round Rock around 1915; Bud Parks is on a horse; the other men are Dewey Long, Marshall Ferrell, Claude Buckner, Sr., and Dud Pennington; the stable was located on the 100 block of West Main Street
[Buggy in front of general store]
Photograph of Henry Doering's general store in Walburg with a buggy in front.
[Cars on West Side of Main Street Hutto]
Photograph of automobiles on west side of Main Street.
[Courthouse with Model T's out front]
Photograph of fifth and most recent Williamson County Courthouse in 1911 with Model T cars parked in front.
[Crowd with cars gathered for Victory Day]
Photograph of the hour of Victory, November 11, 1918. Street scene of large group of men, women, and children standing in front of J. F. Martinets & Co. Store. Armistice Day.
[First airplane in Taylor]
Sepia toned photograph of a group of men gathered around an early biplane airplane. The men are all wearing trousers, hat, and white dress shirts. Most are wearing suit jackets. The plane has a single engine with a propeller. The photograph was taken from a neighboring field and there is a barbed wire fence in the foreground. Several blurry buildings are in the background. Photo is labelled in the margin "First airoplane at Taylor"--first airplane in Taylor.
[First Car in Granger Texas]
Photograph of First car in Granger which belonged to John R. He is in the driver's seat. The girl to the right of the automobile is named Marta Bartosh.
[First Monday Trade Days, Georgetown]
A black and white image; recorded by a camera and printed on light sensitive paper. This image is of the 1st Monday trade days in Williamson County-on the square. There are at least 50-60 men gathered in front of a couple of buildings- one, "PALACE BARBER SHOP"; the other "WILLIAMSON COUNTY SUN". Several people have wagons pulled by horses. Most of the men are on foot.
[Frances Cmerck & chickens with car ]
Photograph of Frances Cmerek feeding chickens near Granger.
[Georgetown Firemen on Firetruck]
Photograph of Georgetown firemen on their firetruck, including Lonnie Watkins. Left to right: Mr. Mood, George Klohey, Jeff Gordan, driver R. D. Bole Davis (Fire Chief), Pay Goodlet, Sid Peerl (standing), and M. Wilcox. Mr. Davis and his wife lived upstairs and had a sliding pole in their apartment.
[Horse and carriage]
Photograph of horse and carriage in parade, Taylor.
[Horse drawn ice wagon in Round Rock]
Photograph of horse-drawn ice wagon with H. N. "Farmer" Egger and Curtis Parker in the picture.
[Horses & buggy hauling men & hay]
Photograph of hay (cane) hauling time, four miles south of Granger. Cane was stacked in hay stacks about 20 feet long and 6 to 7 feet high and 8 to 10 feet wide. Left to right: Robert Rozackey, Joe Chasek, Adolph Horak, and Joe Rozacky. Joe is father of Robert Rozacky. Taken on grandmother Frances Rozacky's farm about 4 miles south of Granger.
[Jonah Bridge]
This is a photograph of the original bridge over the San Gabriel River at Jonah before it was washed away in the 1921 flood.
[Kautz Store with cars in front]
Photograph of corn festival in front of Kautz Store in Taylor with large crowd and automobiles parked in front.
[Livery & Feed stable with horses]
Black and white photograph of the "W. J. FOUSE / LIVERY AND FEED STABLE". The picture was taken in 1911 on West Main Street. Left to right: Henry Pards, Jeff Fouse, Dewey Bradford, unknown, Bud Grumbles.
[Main Street of Granger, TX]
Photograph that has writing stating the photograph is the West side of Main Street in Granger in 1916. There are also several buggies and automobiles in the street.
[Main Street of Thrall]
Photograph of automobiles and people on Main Street in Thrall. There is writing in white at the very bottom of the photograph describing the scene.
[Man with horse drawn taxi]
black and white photograph of Dud Pennington in a 1915 horse-drawn taxi in Round Rock; his hand is near his face; there is a picket fence behind the carriage; two trees can be seen on either side of the taxi
[Martinets Bros on Motorcycles]
Photograph of Three mail carriers on motorcycles in front of Jno. P. Trlica Photography Studio. Left to right: Joe Huser, Frank Martinets who were part-time mail carriers, and finally Edward Bartosh.
[Milk Delivery Truck]
Photograph of an early twentieth-century motor truck used to gather milk from the Granger-area farmers and deliver it.
[Mr. Prewitt with horse drawn mail buggy]
Photograph of Mr. Charles W. Prewitt with a horse pulled mail buggy.
[Overland car 1910's]
Photograph of Overland car. Left to right: Angeline Rozacky, Frantiska Rozacky (seated), Mary Rozacky, and Gertrude Rozacky.
[Parade on Main Street]
Photograph of celebration on Main Street, showing old Martinets Mercantile Store and General Store of Jim Struhall. A covered wagon with a horse is visible in top left.
[Photograph of Five Military Officers Sitting at a Table]
Photograph of five men wearing military uniforms and peaked caps. They are sitting together around a table. A handwritten caption under the men indicates that one of the men is Lieutenant Quincy Sharpe.
[Photograph of Infant John M. Sharpe, Jr.]
Photograph of infant John M. Sharpe, Jr. standing with a chair. He is wearing a lightly hued jacket with a belt and mantle, stockings, and open shoes. The reverse side of the photo's grey mat has a handwritten note that says he was born on April 27, 1913.
[Portrait of James Quincy Sharpe.]
Photograph of James Quincy Sharpe posing for a portrait. He is wearing a high-collared shirt, bow tie, and dark jacket. The reverse side of the photo has a handwritten note that indicates that he was the brother of John M. Sharpe. Typed notes indicate that he died in 1916 following a mill accident and that his daughters were adopted by his brother.
[Steam powered thrashing crew (Tractors)]
Photograph of Matthew Kasperik's thrashing crew posing for a photograph. This farm was located one mile NE of Walburg. In the background you can see the steam tractor and the thrasher.
[Tenant farm with bicycles and horses]
Photograph of tenant farm family on farm Taylor and Granger. Carlota Fuentes and her children, Toribio, Fred, Carlota, Lorena, Ed, and Jacob.
[Wagons & horses on Austin Ave]
Men with horse and mule drawn wagons on Austin Street, Georgetown, Tx. ca. 1915. Farmer's State Bank is in top right corner. Individual's in photograph include H. J. Behrens, Edward Behrens, August Behrens, Adolph Behrens, Emile Behrens, and Ben Behrens (order unknown).
[Youth Hayride on Horse-Drawn Wagon]
Photograph of Youth group hayride with horse-drawn wagon.