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[Annie and John Sharpe Posing with Plants]

Description: Photograph of elderly Annie and John Sharpe standing together in a room decorated with plant life. Annie wears a dark dress and a brooch. John wears a pinstripe suit and holds a cigar. A window with a lace curtain appears at the back of the wall. A chest of drawers stands behind the pair.
Date: 1945
Item Type: Photograph

[Band in parade]

Description: Photograph of band in parade in Georgetown. South Avenue "LINDELL PETERSON & CO." on left. MILES BRO'S CLEANERS TAILORS HATTERS on right. Band in center of street with car behind. Crowds on both sides of South Avenue.
Date: 1940~
Item Type: Photograph

[Biographical Sketch of Manuel Orgain]

Description: Biographical summary of Manuel Orgain, a "Negro cowman" who drove freight wagons and herded cattle and livestock through several trails across Texas, and to other states. It recounts several specific events, including a story about the 1869 flood on the San Gabriel River, and other storms.
Date: 1948
Item Type: Paper

[Couple in a Wagon in Andice]

Description: Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Milt Love in wagon with horses, Gus and Ben Jacob. R&W Store which was in business from 1932-1974 can be seen in the background.
Date: 1940~
Item Type: Photograph

[Men hog butchering in a barrel with wooden wagon]

Description: Photograph of members of the Osuna family, who were sharecroppers on the "Dunlop Place" near Andice, in an early stage of butchering a hog, 1949. After the hog's throat was cut, the carcass was dipped into scalding water to help remove the hair.
Date: 1949~
Item Type: Photograph

[A Mule-Drawn Trash Wagon]

Description: Photograph of Francisco "Frank" Castro driving his mule-drawn trash wagon in downtown Taylor. One of Taylor's most popular businessmen, when Castro had to convert to tractor power, he did so reluctantly. Castro and his wife, Helen Fuentes Castro, raised five children in Taylor. Mr. Castro was the only trash collector for businesses in Taylor from 1935 to 1952. He supported his family and neighborhood during the depression.
Date: 1940
Item Type: Photograph

[Photograph of Annie Sharpe in a Snowy Yard]

Description: Photograph of Annie Sharpe standing outside in a snow-covered yard. She is wearing dark clothing and is waving towards the camera. Her house, yard, and an evergreen tree to the right is covered with snow.
Date: January 14, 1944
Item Type: Photograph