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[Jonah Bridge]
This is a photograph of the original bridge over the San Gabriel River at Jonah before it was washed away in the 1921 flood.
[Milk Delivery Truck]
Photograph of an early twentieth-century motor truck used to gather milk from the Granger-area farmers and deliver it.
[City of Schwertner & Road]
Photograph of the city of Schwertner pictured around the turn of the twentieth century.
[Mule-Drawn Wagon In Front of a House]
Photograph of Leander school teachers, including Lora Pugh who married A.L. Mason the next year, had fun with local "transportation." The wagon was from Leander Mule & Carriage.
[Sam Loving With a Horse]
Photograph of Sam Loving of Round Rock ready to be shipped out to Cuba in the Spanish American War in 1898. He was in First Texas, Company E.
[Granger Corn Parade Carnival]
Photograph of the annual Granger Corn Parade Carnival.
[Gathering at the Round Hall Train Station]
Photograph of Round Hall located between Bartlett and Holland on State Highway 95. The Granger Picnic Band played there when it was built and continued to play there regularly.
[Granger Picnic Band on a Road]
Photograph of the Granger Picnic Band. Martinets General Merchandise Store in background, present location of Granger National Bank. First row: George Matyscak, ____ Hruska, Frank Martinets, Emil Wentercek, Jim Martinets. Second row: Charles Vitek, Karel Strmiska, Joe Vitek, Frank Kerbala, Joe Rozacky. Third row: Tom Martinets, William Vitek, Roman Zatozek, Frank Drozd. Also location of S. P. J. S. T. Hall.
[Granger Train Station]
Photograph of the simple Granger train station between 1890 and the 1900s.
[Flood on Granger Main Street]
Photograph of a flood in Granger in May 1920. Main Street, Dubil Meat Market,Trlica Photography, and Czech Moravian Brethren Church in background.
[Emzie Fisher on Train Holding His Son During World War II]
Photograph of Emzie Fisher on train holding son, Lester Fisher, while on furlough during World War II.
[Emzie Fisher and His Wife]
Photograph of of the soldier Emzie and Elzora Fisher in front of his car.
[Parade in Downtown Taylor]
Photograph of a marching band playing in a parade in downtown Taylor
[Patch Stubblefield With a Horse by the Courthouse]
Photograph of Judge Billy Ray Stubblefield's grandfather, William Oscar "Patch" Stubblefield, with his horse in front of the fourth Williamson County Courthouse built in 1877-1878.
[People and a Horse in Front of a Blacksmith]
Photograph of John Albert Kimbro and friends in front of blacksmith shop in North Georgetown. John Albert Kimbro is shown in middle of photo. The photograph has writing at the bottom explaining who is in the photo.
[Main St. and Crossroads in Andice]
Photograph of Main Street and crossroads which at the time had a population approximately 60 people. There are also several automobiles in the background of the picture.
[Newton Calvin Holman Leaving for Cattle Drive]
Photograph of Newton Calvin Holman, who is 18 years old at the time, on his horse setting out on a cattle drive. Holman was later the mayor of Taylor.
[Main Street of Thrall]
Photograph of automobiles and people on Main Street in Thrall. There is writing in white at the very bottom of the photograph describing the scene.
[Firemen Racing Team in Taylor Parade]
Photograph of Taylor parade. In the photograph there are the Fireman Racing Team from Granger on Main Street. The Brunner & William Drug Store can be seen in the background.
[Man next to Ford Model A]
Photograph of a 1930s Ford Model A automobile with a man standing next to it.
[Group with Model A Ford]
Photograph of two couples next to a Ford Model A Car. The car has a sign on the side of it that reads Historical Round Rock Texas.
[The Thompson Children on Hoxie Bridge]
Photograph of theThompson children on Hoxie Bridge. The bridge consists of wood and steel beams.
[Deliveryman Standing on His Wagon]
Photograph of Clem Harvey, deliveryman for W.J. Walsh Store standing on his wagon in front of a bricked building. There is also another man dressed in white getting something from the wagon in the background.
[Main Street of Granger, TX]
Photograph that has writing stating the photograph is the West side of Main Street in Granger in 1916. There are also several buggies and automobiles in the street.
[Georgetown Firemen on Firetruck]
Photograph of Georgetown firemen on their firetruck, including Lonnie Watkins. Left to right: Mr. Mood, George Klohey, Jeff Gordan, driver R. D. Bole Davis (Fire Chief), Pay Goodlet, Sid Peerl (standing), and M. Wilcox. Mr. Davis and his wife lived upstairs and had a sliding pole in their apartment.
[Woman on a Mule in Front of a House]
Photograph of Frances McNeese on a white mule named "Pete" in front of a House near Merrelltown.
[Woman Sitting on a Longhorn]
Photograph of Dorothy Fisher Sauls at the age of 18, riding a lognhorn bull at the Emzie Fisher farm.
[Group of School Teachers in front of the Leander Train Depot]
Photograph of Leander school teachers, including Lora Pugh and Gerry Stockton, have fun with the snow with the Leander train depot in the background.
[A Mule-Drawn Trash Wagon]
Photograph of Francisco "Frank" Castro driving his mule-drawn trash wagon in downtown Taylor. One of Taylor's most popular businessmen, when Castro had to convert to tractor power, he did so reluctantly. Castro and his wife, Helen Fuentes Castro, raised five children in Taylor. Mr. Castro was the only trash collector for businesses in Taylor from 1935 to 1952. He supported his family and neighborhood during the depression.
[The SPJST Lodge Float in Granger Parade]
Photograph of several women carrying flowers on the 40th Anniversary of the SPJST Lodge float in Granger parade, June 27, 1937.
[Carl Lidell in a Large Plane]
Photograph of Carl Lidell, from Jonah, in flight training.
[Woman in a Field on a Horse]
Photograph of of a women dressed in white posing for a photograph on a black horse. The woman featured in the photograph is a member C.G. Wegstrom family. There is also an automobile in the background.
[King of Swing Band and Bus]
Photograph of Louis Steffek and his "King of Swing" Band with bus.
[First Car in Granger Texas]
Photograph of First car in Granger which belonged to John R. He is in the driver's seat. The girl to the right of the automobile is named Marta Bartosh.
[Children in a Goat-Pulled Cart]
Photograph of Theodore F. Mussil, age 5, and Lollie Mussil, age 3, riding in a goat-pulled cart infront of a house.
[Men in Horse and Buggy]
Photograph of Two men with a horse and buggy in 1900s Granger.
[Georgetown Fire Department]
Photograph of Georgetown Fire Department and R.O. "Bob" Davis, who later became Fire Chief, in the truck second from left. Sign in the top of the photograph explains addmittance is for firemen only, violators will recieve a 5.00 fine, enforced by the Mayor.
[Family Photo with Two Cars]
Photograph of Early cars sold by Baca and Bohac Co. Henry Bohac is on the right.
[Several Family Members Posing in Automobiles]
Photograph of Early cars from Baca and Bohac Co. In the second car, the lady in the bonnet, is Teresie Muzny Bohac, owner of company. The man in the car is her son, Henry Bohac. In the third car is Frances Bohac Baca and her husband, John Baca.
[A Boy on a Horse]
Photograph of Boy on a horse with dog on way to school.
[A Girl on a Horse]
Photograph of Girl riding her horse on the way to school.
[Men Posing in front of Hot Rod Model T]
Photograph of Hot rod T Model, Bill Bloom and Herbert Swenson, with a cotton field in the background.
[Three men on Horses]
Photograph of three men on horses in front of a house.
[Four Children Posing on a Horse]
Photograph of Chester, Marie, Howard and Hershall Vaughan taking a family picture on a horse.
[Two Girls on Horse at San Gabriel River]
Photograph of Mary Atkinson on the left holding the umbrella of Liberty Hill and another girl on a horse near South San Gabriel River.
[Group Pulling Boat Over the San Gabriel River]
Photograph of Three couples pulling a boat across the South San Gabriel River by wire in 1930. Second from left is Frances McFarland of Liberty Hill.
[Man on Scooter at a Military Base]
Photograph of a younf man on a scooter at a military base. Part of the picture is torn.
[Bethel Baker Sitting with a Saddled Horse]
Photograph of Bethel Baker, son of Robert Zebulon Baker and Minerva Ellen "Bea" Swindle Baker posing in front of his saddled horse.
[Barnstormer Airplane]
Photograph of Barnstormer airplane at Gunnar and Irene Rydell farm, northwest of Taylor. He was a barnstormer before 1936.
[Youth Hayride on Horse-Drawn Wagon]
Photograph of Youth group hayride with horse-drawn wagon.