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[Milk Delivery Truck]

Description: Photograph of an early twentieth-century motor truck used to gather milk from the Granger-area farmers and deliver it.
Date: 1910~
Item Type: Photograph

[Granger Picnic Band on a Road]

Description: Photograph of the Granger Picnic Band. Martinets General Merchandise Store in background, present location of Granger National Bank. First row: George Matyscak, ____ Hruska, Frank Martinets, Emil Wentercek, Jim Martinets. Second row: Charles Vitek, Karel Strmiska, Joe Vitek, Frank Kerbala, Joe Rozacky. Third row: Tom Martinets, William Vitek, Roman Zatozek, Frank Drozd. Also location of S. P. J. S. T. Hall.
Date: 1907~
Item Type: Photograph

[Jonah Bridge]

Description: This is a photograph of the original bridge over the San Gabriel River at Jonah before it was washed away in the 1921 flood.
Date: 1910~
Item Type: Photograph

[Sam Loving With a Horse]

Description: Photograph of Sam Loving of Round Rock ready to be shipped out to Cuba in the Spanish American War in 1898. He was in First Texas, Company E.
Date: 1898
Item Type: Photograph

[Flood on Granger Main Street]

Description: Photograph of a flood in Granger in May 1920. Main Street, Dubil Meat Market,Trlica Photography, and Czech Moravian Brethren Church in background.
Date: 1920-05~
Creator: Trlica, Jno P.
Item Type: Photograph

[Main St. and Crossroads in Andice]

Description: Photograph of Main Street and crossroads which at the time had a population approximately 60 people. There are also several automobiles in the background of the picture.
Date: 1929~
Item Type: Photograph

[Main Street of Thrall]

Description: Photograph of automobiles and people on Main Street in Thrall. There is writing in white at the very bottom of the photograph describing the scene.
Date: 1913~
Item Type: Photograph

[People and a Horse in Front of a Blacksmith]

Description: Photograph of John Albert Kimbro and friends in front of blacksmith shop in North Georgetown. John Albert Kimbro is shown in middle of photo. The photograph has writing at the bottom explaining who is in the photo.
Date: 1890
Item Type: Photograph

[Main Street Granger]

Description: Photograph of Street scene in Granger. Main Street. There is a handwritten note with an arrow that says "my place of business".
Date: 1900~
Item Type: Photograph

[Granger Street Scene]

Description: Photograph of a street in Granger. In the photograph is Baca and Co. Furniture and Stove Store established ca. 1900 in Granger.
Date: 1908~
Item Type: Photograph