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[Tintype Portrait of Rosell Whittenberg]

Description: Tintype portrait of Rosell Whittenberg inside of a paper mat. She is wearing a dark blouse and a ruffled lace cloth around her neck. Her forehead, cheeks, and chin have been tinted pink. The paper mat has a red outline with stylized flowers in the corners and red lines around the ovular portrait.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of John M. Sharpe]

Description: Photograph of John M. Sharpe, Jr. standing outdoors in front of a tree. He is wearing a lightly hued suit, white collared shirt, and necktie. He holds his hands behind his back. The reverse side of the image notes that he is seventeen years old.
Date: unknown
Creator: The Wiseman Studio

[Photographs of Sebe and Frances Sharpe]

Description: Photographs of Sebe and Frances Sharpe sitting for portraits. Sebe is wearing a medium hued jacket, white collared shirt, and a bow tie. His fingers are interlocked around his right knee. Frances wears a thick fur coat. Their photos are contained within a dark booklet.
Date: unknown
Creator: Stone Photography

[People Standing Together on a Walkway]

Description: Photograph of five people standing together on a walkway with a pipe fence on their left side and a cement wall on the right. John Sharpe, Sr., and Annie Sharpe are the elderly couple on the left. Mrs. John Sharpe, Jr. and her husband stand in the center. Jim Shaw leans on the cement wall to the right.
Date: 1950~

[Postcard with Panoramic View of Courthouse Square in Georgetown, Texas]

Description: Postcard with the image of Courthouse Square in Georgetown, Texas. The Williamson County Courthouse is shown surrounded by parked 1920's style automobiles. Rows of businesses can be seen on either side of the courthouse on 8th Street and 7th Street. Main Street dominates the foreground and contains cars, horses, and a brass band playing on the bed of a pickup truck. 8th Street, left, contains a long line of people atop horses.
Date: 1929~
Location Info:

[Photograph of a Man]

Description: Photograph of a man visible from the chest up. He has slicked back hair, a dark suit, a white collared shirt, and a necktie. His cheeks, lips, and necktie have been tinted. The photograph is framed with a gold and burgundy paper with crosshatched patterns. The folder containing the photo is marbled maroon in color and has a shiny golden square pattern.
Date: unknown

[Tintype of Annie Whittenberg]

Description: Photograph of Annie Whittenberg wearing a dark dress and a tall floral hat. She holds an umbrella to her left side. She is standing in front of a backdrop depicting thing trees surrounded by shrubs and leans against a simulated bush. The tintype is mounted in a blue paper frame with red scrollwork in its corners and three concentric red lines around the photograph.
Date: unknown

[Mr. Ellington, Ann Whittenberg, and Ann Gannaway Standing in Front of a Ravine]

Description: Photograph of Mr. Ellington, Ann Whittenberg, and Ann Gannaway standing together in front of a rocky ravine that is topped with trees. Ellington wears a hat, jacket, and high collared shirt. Whittenberg wears a dark dress and holds up a few of its lower ruffles. Gannaway is wearing a striped blouse and dark skirt while holding a hat in front of her.
Date: unknown

[Young Girl Standing on a Road]

Description: Photograph of a young girl wearing a coat, dress, and hat standing in a dirt road. White rocks and thin saplings line the road as it extends into the background. A three-story brick building stands to the right, another stands further back to the left, and other buildings can be seen among trees in the background.
Date: unknown