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[Postcard with Panoramic View of Courthouse Square in Georgetown, Texas]

Description: Postcard with the image of Courthouse Square in Georgetown, Texas. The Williamson County Courthouse is shown surrounded by parked 1920's style automobiles. Rows of businesses can be seen on either side of the courthouse on 8th Street and 7th Street. Main Street dominates the foreground and contains cars, horses, and a brass band playing on the bed of a pickup truck. 8th Street, left, contains a long line of people atop horses.
Date: 1929~
Location Info:

[Model T]

Description: A black and white photograph of a man (fireman) sitting on a truck, possibly a fire-truck. The back part is open and appears to have rails. The man is wearing a suit with a wide brimmed hat- and it appears to be mid day. He is in a suburban area with small white houses-there are no big buildings around.
Date: 1920~

[Model T]

Description: A black and white photograph of a man in front of a model T car. He wears a dark jacket, pants, and tie. He also sports a large, wide brimmed hat. A woman wearing a white dress appears to be in the drivers seat of the car.
Date: 1920~

[Cars on street in Georgetown]

Description: Black and white photograph. South Austin Avenue. Left to right: Man by telephone pole, Large brick building, several trucks, "LINDELL PETERSON & CO. / HARDWARE". Trucks, people sitting on trunks, "THAT GOOD GULF GASO". Maker's Mark: "R. STONE/ GEORGETOWN/ TEX"
Date: 1927
Creator: Stone, R.

[Truck with cotton bales]

Description: Black and white photographic print mounted on a grey with black border outline matte. The photo is of a truck with a load of cotton in Georgetown, Texas around 1927. Behind the truck on the right is Albert William Lindell standing next to another man in a hat. Behind the truck is a brick building with a sign having the letters "FIS" visible. The man on the right is wearing a white shirt and black bow tie.
Date: 1927
Creator: Stone Studio