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[Portrait of John Sharpe]

Description: Photograph of John Sharpe sitting for a portrait. He is wearing a dark jacket, white collared shirt, and a necktie with a square pattern. The reverse side of the photo contains a handwritten note saying he was the editor of the Williamson County Sun newspaper as well as a postmaster.
Date: 1935~

[Photograph of Annie Sharpe, Sr. and Mrs. Jim Shaw]

Description: Photograph of two women standing together next to a low brick wall outside a house. Part of the home is visible behind them, as well as a cactus and other plants in the yard. A handwritten note on the back says: "Mrs. John M. Sharpe Sr. with striped dress at her home 1604 Church St. Georgetown Texas, Mrs. Jim Shaw a neighbor dressed in white 1938."
Date: 1938

[Sharpe and Brown Family Having a Picnic]

Description: Photograph of six members of the Brown and Sharpe family sitting at a picnic table in an outdoor area surrounded by trees. The women sitting in the front seat are identified as Cousin Maud and Mother Brown. The man sitting on the other side of the table is John Sharpe. Annie Sharpe is wearing a broad hat and a white apron. A smiling man and a woman in a dark dress to the left remain unidentified. A white tablecloth, large jar, and a basket are lying on the table.
Date: August 1939

[Round Rock Motor Company]

Description: A black and white photograph of a large group of people standing in front of the Round Rock Motor Co. and flanking a dark Ford automobile. The auto bears the words "TWENTY-MILLIONTH" in large white capital letters, with the Ford logo appearing below.
Date: 1930~