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[People Standing Together on a Walkway]
Photograph of five people standing together on a walkway with a pipe fence on their left side and a cement wall on the right. John Sharpe, Sr., and Annie Sharpe are the elderly couple on the left. Mrs. John Sharpe, Jr. and her husband stand in the center. Jim Shaw leans on the cement wall to the right.
[United Daughters of the Confederacy at a Confederate War Memorial]
Photograph of nine elderly women standing together in front of a monument dedicated to soldiers and sailors of the Confederate States of America. Floral bouquets have been placed upon the stone monument. The women are wearing dark dresses, and many are wearing hats. They are identified from the right to left as Annie E. Sharpe, Mrs. Belle, Mrs. H. W. Richey, Mrs. Elliott Stone, Mrs. J. O. Warren, Mrs. John Hudson, Anna Palm, Mrs. Ann Hudson, Mrs. J. M. Bergner.
[Photograph of Annie Whittenberg in a Horse-Drawn Buggy]
Newspaper clipping featuring a photograph of Annie Whittenberg riding in a horse-drawn buggy. She is wearing a lightly hued dress and hat. The reverse side of the clipping features part of an article about child day care.
[Johnson family with tractor]
Photograph Rod and Sigurd Johnson (far right) with cousins and a John Deere tractor and cane/hay binder, near Jonah.
[Round Rock Cheese Factory Delivery Truck]
Photograph of Louis P. Vitek with milk delivery truck for Round Rock Cheese Factory in Round Rock.
[Man on Motorcycle]
Photograph of Cordie Moore on a motorcycle.
[Girl Scout Float in the Christmas Parade]
Photograph of a Girl Scouts troop on a float at the Taylor Christmas parade.