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[Buckner & Pennington Livery & Feed]

Description: Photograph of a group of men and horses in front of Buckner and Pennington Livery and Feed Stable in Round Rock around 1915; Bud Parks is on a horse; the other men are Dewey Long, Marshall Ferrell, Claude Buckner, Sr., and Dud Pennington; the stable was located on the 100 block of West Main Street
Date: 1915~

[Building with car in front]

Description: Black and white image of a mult-storied stone building facade with a porch and corrugated metal roof on the ground floor. The porch is in deep shadow but at least one figure can be seen, standing behind and to the left of a parked automobile. A water tower stands to the right rear of the building and a wagon wheel appears in the left foreground.
Date: 19uu

[I&GN Railroad train Round Rock]

Description: Photograph of the Williamson County International and Great Northern Railroad in 1904. The depot is on the upper left side of the photograph. The track crossed Brushy Creek about two miles below the town of Round Rock, then located on the north side of Brushy, and terminated in 1876 just short of the proposed Lake Bridge site, where a depot and freight station were built. Four men are seen in front of the train past the engine.
Date: 1904