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[Photograph of a Woman Named Mary]

Description: Photograph of a woman identified as "Cousin Mary" visible from the chest up. She is wearing a dark dress, a pendant watch tucked into her dress' buttons, and a cameo on her throat. The reverse side of the photo has a handwritten note that says "Cousin Mary wishing you a Merry Christmas."
Date: unknown
Creator: D. C. Burnite

[Portrait of James Quincy Sharpe.]

Description: Photograph of James Quincy Sharpe posing for a portrait. He is wearing a high-collared shirt, bow tie, and dark jacket. The reverse side of the photo has a handwritten note that indicates that he was the brother of John M. Sharpe. Typed notes indicate that he died in 1916 following a mill accident and that his daughters were adopted by his brother.
Date: 1916
Creator: Stone Photography

[Tintype of Annie Whittenberg]

Description: Photograph of Annie Whittenberg wearing a dark dress and a tall floral hat. She holds an umbrella to her left side. She is standing in front of a backdrop depicting thing trees surrounded by shrubs and leans against a simulated bush. The tintype is mounted in a blue paper frame with red scrollwork in its corners and three concentric red lines around the photograph.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of Mary Whittenberg]

Description: Photograph of Mary Whittenberg taken from the chest up. She is wearing a dark dress with a satin sheen, a necklace, metal wristwatch, and a ring. Her arms are folded and propped up on surface. Handwritten notes on the reverse side of the photo note that she is the sister of Olin Whittenberg and the daughter of Dubose Whittenberg.
Date: May 1960

[Portrait of a Woman]

Description: Photographic portrait of a woman wearing a ruffled piece of lace around her neck, a dark mantle, and a dark buttoned blouse. Her hair is tied up in a bun. A drawing on the reverse side of the photo contains a drawing of the heads two young women in the middle of a photographer's logo.
Date: unknown
Creator: Ferguson, M. M.

[Photograph of Six Young Women]

Description: Photograph of six young women wearing lightly hued dresses. They are arranged in a pyramid with Mamie Whittenberg standing above and behind the group, Fannie Clower and Hattie McSwain are positioned on the middle row, and Annie Whittenberg, Libby Cleveland, and Jessie Clower are seated on the bottom row. A typed note on the reverse side indicates that Mamie Whittenberg married J. L. Thorp in 1902 and Annie Whittenberg married J. M. Sharpe, Sr. in 1903.
Date: 1902
Creator: Wilcox Photography