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[Model T driving down street]

Description: Black and white photograph of downtown Georgetown, Texas, showing one car in the foreground in the middle of the road. There is one prominent building on the right side. This is the view looking west at the 8th and Austin Ave. intersection. The sign on the building is "STROMBERG HOFFMAN & COMPANY."
Date: 19uu
Creator: Atlee, Luis W.

[Photograph of a Woman Named Mary]

Description: Photograph of a woman identified as "Cousin Mary" visible from the chest up. She is wearing a dark dress, a pendant watch tucked into her dress' buttons, and a cameo on her throat. The reverse side of the photo has a handwritten note that says "Cousin Mary wishing you a Merry Christmas."
Date: unknown
Creator: D. C. Burnite

[Portrait of a Woman]

Description: Photographic portrait of a woman wearing a ruffled piece of lace around her neck, a dark mantle, and a dark buttoned blouse. Her hair is tied up in a bun. A drawing on the reverse side of the photo contains a drawing of the heads two young women in the middle of a photographer's logo.
Date: unknown
Creator: Ferguson, M. M.

[Photograph of Mary Jane Fleager]

Description: Photograph of Mary Jane Fleager from the chest up. The elderly woman is wearing a dark dress with metallic buttons, a cameo at her throat, and eyeglasses hanging from the right side of her chest. The reverse side of the photo features a logo for Wilson C. Fox's photography studio. In addition, a handwritten note notes that says Fleager is Annie Whittenberg Sharpe's grandmother.
Date: 1890~
Creator: Fox, Wilson C.

[Brushy Creek with bridge]

Description: black and white photograph of Brushy Creek and the round rock in the creek, for which the town of Round Rock was named; photograph was taken before the creek washed away both bridges shown in the image, one of which was a railroad bridge; the picture is taken from the dam, east of the round rock; there is an unidentified person standing on the round rock; view is looking east down Brushy Creek
Date: 19uu
Creator: Henington Publishing Co.

[Locomotive on bridge]

Description: Black and white photograph shows a locomotive, a 4-4-0 coal burner, built in the late 1880s; the train is backing in from Georgetown; this train is on the track above the W.J. Walsh family; they are having a picnic on the rocky banks of Brushy Creek in Old Town Round Rock.
Date: 1904
Creator: Henington Publishing Co.

[Round Rock Creamery with buggy]

Description: This is a black and white photograph of the Round Rock Creamery in 1904. Farmers brought milk here where it was separated. The farmers returned home with the skimmed milk. On the left is a buggy belonging to Archie Hester. Simon Burkland's buggy is in the middle. Carl A. Johnson is on the right and Rueben Johnson is standing near the buggy wheel on the left. F. L. Aten was the plant manager. The business failed due to lack of refrigeration.
Date: 1904
Creator: Henington Publishing Co.

[Round Rock Hook & Ladder Co. with wagon]

Description: Black and white photograph of the Round Rock Hook and Ladder Co.; 18 men in pant and shirt uniforms with bibs labeled "1"; military-style flat, short brimmed caps; some of the men hold tall hooks, buckets and an ax; they stand in front of or on or sit in a long wooden wagon
Date: 1907~
Creator: Henington Publishing Co.