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[Granger Picnic Band on a Road]

Description: Photograph of the Granger Picnic Band. Martinets General Merchandise Store in background, present location of Granger National Bank. First row: George Matyscak, ____ Hruska, Frank Martinets, Emil Wentercek, Jim Martinets. Second row: Charles Vitek, Karel Strmiska, Joe Vitek, Frank Kerbala, Joe Rozacky. Third row: Tom Martinets, William Vitek, Roman Zatozek, Frank Drozd. Also location of S. P. J. S. T. Hall.
Date: 1907~

[Round Rock Hook & Ladder Co. with wagon]

Description: Black and white photograph of the Round Rock Hook and Ladder Co.; 18 men in pant and shirt uniforms with bibs labeled "1"; military-style flat, short brimmed caps; some of the men hold tall hooks, buckets and an ax; they stand in front of or on or sit in a long wooden wagon
Date: 1907~
Creator: Henington Publishing Co.

[Walsh Family with horse & buggy]

Description: Photograph of the W. J. Walsh family in front of Trinity College in 1907. In the foreground is a horse-drawn buggy with four occupants, a man, woman, and two children. In the background is a light colored school building with twin bell towers and arched doorways and windows.
Date: 1907

[Round Rock Post office Mail Carriers with buggy]

Description: Photograph of two mail carriers and the Postmaster standing in front of the U.S. Post Office in 1905 in Round Rock. From left to right: Bob Carlson, father of Carlo and Leon Carlson, unidentified, and Postmaster Robert Hyland, 1897-1911. Each mail carrier stands in front of a horse-drawn hack, which they would drive all around the countryside to deliver mail, and which are identified by signs reading "US Mail Route No. --". Both carriers hold bags of mail, and Carlson also holds a metal cash box. The post office behind them is a limestone building with double front doors, arched glass windows, pillars, and a covered porch.
Date: 1905

[I&GN Railroad train Round Rock]

Description: Photograph of the Williamson County International and Great Northern Railroad in 1904. The depot is on the upper left side of the photograph. The track crossed Brushy Creek about two miles below the town of Round Rock, then located on the north side of Brushy, and terminated in 1876 just short of the proposed Lake Bridge site, where a depot and freight station were built. Four men are seen in front of the train past the engine.
Date: 1904

[Locomotive on bridge]

Description: Black and white photograph shows a locomotive, a 4-4-0 coal burner, built in the late 1880s; the train is backing in from Georgetown; this train is on the track above the W.J. Walsh family; they are having a picnic on the rocky banks of Brushy Creek in Old Town Round Rock.
Date: 1904
Creator: Henington Publishing Co.

[Round Rock Creamery with buggy]

Description: This is a black and white photograph of the Round Rock Creamery in 1904. Farmers brought milk here where it was separated. The farmers returned home with the skimmed milk. On the left is a buggy belonging to Archie Hester. Simon Burkland's buggy is in the middle. Carl A. Johnson is on the right and Rueben Johnson is standing near the buggy wheel on the left. F. L. Aten was the plant manager. The business failed due to lack of refrigeration.
Date: 1904
Creator: Henington Publishing Co.

[Portrait of Annie Sharpe in a Wedding Dress]

Description: Folder containing a portrait of Annie Sharpe while wearing a wedding dress. The folder is black, the photograph's mat is white with concentric ovals surrounding the oval photo of Mrs. Sharpe. Part of her dress extends outside of the photo and onto the mat. A thin piece of paper that covers the photo has brown foxing along its outer edge.
Date: July 7, 1903
Creator: Stone Photography

[Wedding Photograph of John M. Sharpe]

Description: Photograph of John M. Sharpe, Sr. standing in a photography studio. He is wearing a dark suit and a white shirt with a high collar. Typed notes on the back include biographical information for Sharpe, as well as indicate that this is a photograph from his wedding to Annie Emily Whittenberg.
Date: July 7, 1903
Creator: Stone Photography

[Gentry's Trained Animal Show in Parade]

Description: Photograph of two elephants wearing blankets with their names on them, "Pinto' on the left and "Little" on the right. They are walking in front of the fourth Williamson County courthouse and were a part of Gentry's Trained Animal show that participated in a parade downtown.
Date: 1902
Creator: Sharpe, Sr., John

[Gentry's Trained Animal Show Wagon]

Description: Black and white photograph of a carriage of animals mounted on decorative embossed matte; the carriage is driven by a man in a uniform and drawn by horses; part of Gentry's Trained Animal Show parading in front of the fourth Williamson County Courthouse; on reverse are pencil markings
Date: 1902~
Creator: Sharpe, John