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[Blacksmith shop with buggy out front]
Black and white photograph of the blacksmith and wheelwright shop located in the 100 block of Lampasas Street in Round Rock, Texas. "R. TATSCH" is printed on the wooden building. There are several bearded men pictured and several houses in front of the building.
[Newton Calvin Holman Leaving for Cattle Drive]
Photograph of Newton Calvin Holman, who is 18 years old at the time, on his horse setting out on a cattle drive. Holman was later the mayor of Taylor.
[Photograph of a Woman in a Dark Dress]
Photograph of a woman standing for a portrait. She has curly hair and wears a dark dress that is adorned with flowers. She leans on a round end table. A painted backdrop featuring a decorated lamp pole and vegetation appears behind her. Information regarding the photographer, W. L. Elrod, is written across the bottom of the photo and on the reverse side.
[Photograph of Men Standing in a Road in Florence, Texas, 1888]
Photograph of a group of men standing together on a road in the town of Florence, Texas. Numbers beside individuals, buildings, and animals correspond to numbers on the back of the photo that identifies the subject. A handwritten note on the back indicates that the camera was facing north.
[Wagons on Main Street]
Photograph of Main Street, looking north from 2nd Street in Taylor with wagons loaded with cotton.