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Christmas Greetings Postcard

Description: Postcard depicting a bough of a fir tree covered with snow and draped in Christmas bells. A second image imposed on the fir bough depicts a small home surrounded by snowy mountains and fir trees. "Christmas Greetings" is written on the front of the card. A letter addressed to Sabino Gomez is written in Spanish on the back of the card, dated December 24, 1914.
Date: unknown

Portrait of Woman with Flowers

Description: Photograph of a woman holding a large bouquet of roses and sunflowers. She wears a long dress with a ruffled collar and a pearl necklace and earrings. A satin ribbon with floral detail is tied around her waist. She stands in front of a scenic outdoor background. The flowers and the woman's dress are tinted purple, yellow and blue. A letter written in Spanish is addressed to Sabino Gomez
Date: unknown

Winnepeg, Canada

Description: Postcard with an image of the corner of Portage Avenue and Main Street in Winnepeg, Canada. The color illustration features a busy city street with pedestrians, police officers, wagons and streetcars all utilizing the road.
Date: unknown

Portrait of Lily Elsie

Description: Photograph of Lily Elsie wrapping a scarf around her neck. She wears a dress with an embroidered bodice and a hat decorated with a bow and flowers. Lily wears a heart locket, a beaded bracelet, and several rings. She is standing in front of a wall decorated with floral tiles. An inscription is written in Spanish on the front of the photograph, while a letter is written on the back of the photograph.
Date: unknown

New York Skyline

Description: Postcard depicting the New York skyline from Jersey City. The buildings along the skyline are labeled with their appropriate names. A letter is written on Spanish on the back of the photograph.
Date: unknown

Charlie Chaplin Clown

Description: Photograph of two clowns shaking hands in front of a circus tent. The clown on the right is imitating Charlie Chaplin. He chews on the end of a cigar and leans on a cane while wearing a bowler hat and suit. The clown on the left wears a similar suit and a crumpled cap.
Date: unknown

Kangaroo Postcard

Description: Postcard with a felt kangaroo pasted onto a paper card. A gradient was applied to the card, transitioning from purple to blue. The card reads "Hearty Greeting. From the land of the Wattle and Kangaroo, Come heartfelt wishes, warm and true; May happiness each year increase, And future days roll on in peace." An inscription underneath the felt kangaroo reads "The Australian Kangaroo." A letter written in Spanish is addressed to Sabino Gomez in Chicago Illinois, from A. Guzmani in Sydney Australia.
Date: unknown

The Flying Wards Circus Act

Description: Photograph of the Flying Wards, a trapeze act that is part of the Barnum and Bailey Circus. The photograph consists of one man standing to the left of a woman, both with their arms crossed across their chests. Both performers are wearing jumpsuits with lace-up boots. An inscription on the bottom of the photograph reads "The Flying Wards, one of the fastest and most sensational trapeze acts with the Ringling Brothers. Season 1908-09-10." The man is Eddie W. Ward and the woman is his sister, Jennie Ward Todd.
Date: unknown

[Postcard Depicting Madero, Mexico]

Description: Postcard image looking east on the Avenida Francisco I. Madero at Avenido Meroelos Sur in Madero, Mexico. There is a tiled fountain on the right side of the image, with part of a plaza park to the far right and downtown buildings and storefronts along the streets in the background. A number of people and automobiles are visible in the image. On the back of the postcard is a letter written in Spanish, addressed to Mr. Jose B. Aguilar in San Antonio, Texas, from a Victoria in Madero, Mexico.
Date: unknown
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