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Hortensia and Her Mother

Description: Photograph of Hortensia and her mother. Hortensia stands to the right of her mom, wearing a sleeveless dress with floral decoration at the shoulder. Several pleats decorate the bottom of the dress. She wears a long strand of pearls and a matching bracelet. Her mother wears a dark, long sleeve dress with a sash around her waist. They are standing in a garden between rows of flowers. A two story home is visible behind the foliage in the garden.
Date: unknown

Portrait of Eduardo Codona

Description: Photograph of Eduardo Codona in front of a two-story home. Eduardo and the man to his right stand in a field featuring vegetation rising past their knees. Both men where suits and hats. Eduardo carries a roll of folded papers in his hands.
Date: unknown

Portrait of Woman with Flowers

Description: Photograph of a woman holding a large bouquet of roses and sunflowers. She wears a long dress with a ruffled collar and a pearl necklace and earrings. A satin ribbon with floral detail is tied around her waist. She stands in front of a scenic outdoor background. The flowers and the woman's dress are tinted purple, yellow and blue. A letter written in Spanish is addressed to Sabino Gomez
Date: unknown

Church Scene from Maria Osuna

Description: Postcard of a village nestled in a mountainous region. The tall steeple of a church is visible above the cluster of small buildings. Two cows graze in the pasture in front of the village. A letter addressed to Sabino Abreu at the Ringling Brothers Circus in Grand Rapids, Michigan is written in Spanish on the back of the postcard.
Date: unknown

Sabino Gomez on Horse

Description: Photograph of Sabino Gomez riding a horse. Sabino wears a hat and vest with an embroidered cape and riding boots. He holds the harness with one hand and carries a flag with his other hand. The horse is wearing a bridle with metal studs and a decorative blanket.
Date: unknown