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The Flying Wards Circus Act

Description: Photograph of the Flying Wards, a trapeze act that is part of the Barnum and Bailey Circus. The photograph consists of one man standing to the left of a woman, both with their arms crossed across their chests. Both performers are wearing jumpsuits with lace-up boots. An inscription on the bottom of the photograph reads "The Flying Wards, one of the fastest and most sensational trapeze acts with the Ringling Brothers. Season 1908-09-10." The man is Eddie W. Ward and the woman is his sister, Jennie Ward Todd.
Date: unknown

[Postcard Depicting Madero, Mexico]

Description: Postcard image looking east on the Avenida Francisco I. Madero at Avenido Meroelos Sur in Madero, Mexico. There is a tiled fountain on the right side of the image, with part of a plaza park to the far right and downtown buildings and storefronts along the streets in the background. A number of people and automobiles are visible in the image. On the back of the postcard is a letter written in Spanish, addressed to Mr. Jose B. Aguilar in San Antonio, Texas, from a Victoria in Madero, Mexico.
Date: unknown
Location Info:

[Abreu Troupe Performing a Stunt]

Description: Postcard depicting the Abreu Troupe performing a stunt in front of a wooden structure. To the left of the photograph, a woman balances on the shoulders of a man. On the right of the photograph, two men stand several feet away from the couple with their arms outstretched. A boy is in midair between the two groups, appearing to have jumped from the woman's shoulders and preparing to land in the men's arms.
Date: unknown

[Abreu Troupe in Costume]

Description: Postcard depicting the Abreu Troupe in full costume. The troupe consists of three men, a young boy, and a woman, facing left and turning their heads toward the camera. The males in the group are all wearing the same costume consisting of a Spanish-style bolero jacket and pants decorated with light-colored trim and embroidery. Underneath the jacket each man wears a white collared shirt with a tie, sombrero, and black shoes. The woman wears a white blouse with a heavily-embroidered dark skirt. She wears her hair in two braided down her shoulders, tied with large ribbons, and large heavy necklaces around her neck.
Date: unknown

[Federica and Brothers at the Majestic Theatre]

Description: Photograph of Federica and her brothers at the Majestic Theatre in Chicago, Illinois. The portrait consists of Federica standing between her four brothers, facing right but looking at the camera. The men wear dark tuxedos with white shirts and bow ties. Federica wears a light-colored dress consisting of a three tiered ruffled skirt. Fine beading is present on the straps and low neckline of the dress. She wears a beaded headband and ballet shoes.
Date: unknown

[Abreu Troupe Rehearsing Performance]

Description: Postcard of the Abreu Troupe practicing a stunt for their circus act. A man and woman on the left side of the postcard extend their arms as they throw a third man into the arms of another performer. The man being thrown is in mid-air between the couple and the performer to the right, prepared to catch him.
Date: unknown

[Portrait of Abelardo Saenz]

Description: Photograph of Abelardo Saenz, the main dancer for Carpe Cubana Circus. Abelardo wears a long-sleeve collared shirt with the two top buttons unbuttoned, a tie and cummerbund. The sleeves of the shirt are very broad, and gather into cuffs around Abelardo's wrists.
Date: unknown

[Carpe Cubana's Flooded Show Camp]

Description: Photograph of Carpe Cubana's circus camp in La Feria, Texas. The camp had been flooded, and members of the circus stand together in knee-high water. Some members of the circus carry household goods such as pots, bags of food, and fold-up chairs. Several men sit in the water, and one man even balances a teacup on his head. Plain tents are visible behind the circus members. A hand-written inscription written in white reads "CUBAN SHOW CAMP," and "LA FERIA TEX. 5/29/29."
Date: May 29, 1929

[Carpe Cubaba's Show Truck in Flood Water]

Description: Photograph of Carpe Cubana's show truck in La Feria, Texas. The camp had been flooded, and five members of the circus stand around the truck, trying to move it out of the knee-high water. The men wear loose-fitting sleeveless shirts and shorts. A horse is also attached to the truck in an attempt to free the truck from the flood waters. A hand-written inscription in white reads "CUBAN SHOW. TRUCK NO. 2, LA FERIA TEX. 5/29/29."
Date: unknown

Cuban Show Lot in La Feria

Description: Photograph of Carpe Cubana's show lot in La Feria, Texas. The ground is flooded with water and surrounded by trees and shrubs. Five men pose for the camera while standing in the flood water. Two tall poles extend from the center of the show lot, secured by heavy hires. A hand-written inscription reads "CUBAN SHOW. LOT LA FRIA TEX 5/29/29."
Date: unknown

Cuban Show, Panaderia La India

Description: Photograph of Carpe Cubana's storage building in La Feria, Texas. Several men stand outside of a warehouse structure with a sign reading "Panaderia La India." Machinery is strewn messily outside of the building. A hand-written inscription on the photograph in white reads "Cuban Show."
Date: unknown

[Flood in La Feria, Texas]

Description: Photograph of the flood in La Feria, Texas. The photograph depicts a street of single story houses to the right, and a two-story storefront to the left. The street in between the structures is filled with flood water. An inscription written in white reads "LA FERIA TEX. 5/29/1929."
Date: unknown

[Portrait of Ramona Ortiz]

Description: Photograph of Romana Ortiz, sent to Frederica Abreu in Chicago, Illinois. Romana is sitting and holding a bouquet of roses in her right hand. She is wearing a collared, long-sleeve shirt and long dark skirt. She wears a dark hat with a brim of flowers and a bow tie around her neck. A letter to Romana from Federica is inscribed on the back of the postcard.
Date: unknown

[Portrait of Baby Celia]

Description: Postcard of baby Celia, sent to Federica Abreu. Celia is seated on an embroidered quilt. She is wearing a bonnet with lace trim and large flowers attached to each side. The bonnet is tied in a bow underneath her chin. The dress she is wearing is white and short-sleeved, with matching lace trim. She also wears socks and white shoes.
Date: unknown

[Seated Woman Reading]

Description: Postcard of a girl seated in a windowsill. The girl is facing left, reading a book. She wears a long-sleeve dress with a wide collar and layered skirt. Her hair is worn up, and curled onto one shoulder. Her hair is decorated with flowers. A curtain is draped across the window.
Date: unknown

[Portrait of Carmen Calvo]

Description: Postcard of Carmen Calvo, addressed to Federica and Virgilio Abreu. Carmen is standing and facing left, with her right arm tucked behind her. The photograph is embroidered with blue, cream, and pink stitches in the form of a dress.
Date: unknown

[Family Portrait with Dog]

Description: Postcard of a family portrait sent to J.B. Aguilera from Victoria. The photograph features four women and a boy seated around a dog. A baby is positioned against the belly of dog. The group is sitting in grass in front of a short fence, surrounded by foliage.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of Cerra de Guadalupe]

Description: Postcard of the landscape of Cerro de Guadalupe. The postcard depicts two houses in front of a small hillside. The houses are small, one-story made of wooden slats. The closest house features a front porch and fence. A road runs to the right of both houses and toward the base of the hill. Several people are standing outside of the second house. A hand-written inscription reads "Cerro de Guadalupe H. Zuacuaro Mich. No 2." On the back, a letter is inscribed from Federica Abreu to Victoria, dated February 12.
Date: unknown

Basilica Maya

Description: Postcard depicting Basilica Maya, a church in Peru. The church is large and many storied, featuring classic Castillon architecture. Many buildings surround the church, featuring similar architecture. On the back of the postcard, a letter is written to Federica Abreu from Anita and Lalo.
Date: unknown