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Band Performance
Photograph of a band performing for a large crowd. A conductor in a white suit directs the band, who is seated in bleachers. The band is wearing matching uniforms consisting of a cap and suit embroidered with gilt trim.
Barnum and Bailey Clown
Photograph of a clown wearing a large hat and over-sized clothing, including a large bow around his neck, a white overcoat, and large shoes. The clown points his right finger in the air, as if gesturing to something beyond the camera's scope.
Barnum and Bailey Clowns
Photograph of two clowns at a performance of the Barnum and Bailey Circus. The clown in the front of the photograph holds his hat in his hands and bows to the photographer. The clown behind him holds a chicken in his hands as the crowd of spectators looks on.
Barnum and Bailey French Postcard
Postcard containing one large photograph of the Barnum and Bailey circus tents and five small photographs underneath it. Several captions are written in French on the front of the postcard. The postcard is addressed to Alfredo Gomez in Monterrey, Mexico.
Basilica Maya
Postcard depicting Basilica Maya, a church in Peru. The church is large and many storied, featuring classic Castillon architecture. Many buildings surround the church, featuring similar architecture. On the back of the postcard, a letter is written to Federica Abreu from Anita and Lalo.
The Bell Sisters
Photograph of the Hermanas Bell (Bell Sisters), a sing-and-dance act that was a part of the Barnum and Bailey circus. The women are dressed in matching costumes consisting of shirts with tiered layers underneath floral vests. The shirts are tucked into floor length floral skirts and high-heeled shoes. Flowers are woven into their curled hair.
Bilito in Graduation Dress
Photograph of Bilito and Victoria posing with an unidentified woman the day of Bilito's graduation. Bilito is dressed in a commencement cap and gown, and has his arms linked with Victoria, who stands to his left.
Boy Scout in Uniform
Photograph of a Boy Scout in full uniform. He rests on a stool against a floral patterned wall, wearing a single breasted jacket with several medals pinned to it, cap, pants, and lace-up boots. One foot rests on a piled rug while the other hangs in mid-air. A letter is inscribed in Spanish on the opposite side.
Bridge at Puente de Mercedes
Photograph of Mercedes Bridge. The bridge runs across a large body of water surrounded by foliage. The unadorned bridge is supported by square beams that extend into the river.
Building a Fence
Photograph of a woman building a fence of chicken wire around several posts in a back yard. The woman wears a jacket over a long dress and bonnet, in front of a two-story home surrounded by thin vegetation and sand. A hand-written note in Spanish on the back of the photograph reads "Mama is fixing a place for Chino, Bilito's Dog."
[Carpe Cubaba's Show Truck in Flood Water]
Photograph of Carpe Cubana's show truck in La Feria, Texas. The camp had been flooded, and five members of the circus stand around the truck, trying to move it out of the knee-high water. The men wear loose-fitting sleeveless shirts and shorts. A horse is also attached to the truck in an attempt to free the truck from the flood waters. A hand-written inscription in white reads "CUBAN SHOW. TRUCK NO. 2, LA FERIA TEX. 5/29/29."
[Carpe Cubana Dancers]
Photograph of two Carpe Cubana dancers. Both dancers are dressed in traditional Spanish attire. The woman stands in front of the man with her head against his shoulder. A large tent is visible behind them.
[Carpe Cubana Performers in Costume]
Photograph of Carpe Cubana performers wearing Native American dress. Each performer is standing in a different pose.
Carpe Cubana Ringmaster and Family
Photograph of Edwardo Sanchez, the ringmaster of Carpe Cubana circus, standing between two vehicles with Don Vejelio, Mr. and Mrs. Abreu, and Sr. Agilera. Edwardo stands to the left of Federica Abreu. The group of people are wearing long overcoats and hats.
[Carpe Cubana Tent]
Photograph of a Carpe Cubana circus tent. The large tent is set up in a wooded area. Several people are visible sitting inside the tent.
[Carpe Cubana Wire Walker]
Photograph of a Carpe Cubana wire walker. The man is balancing with his arms stretched outward with a look of intense concentration on his face. He is wearing a white shirt and pants, with a dark-colored tie around his neck and matching cummerbund.
[Carpe Cubana's Circus Tent]
Photograph of Carpe Cubana's circus tent, complete with two flagpoles.
[Carpe Cubana's Flooded Camp]
Photograph of Carpe Cubana's flooded camp in La Feria, Texas. Several members of the crew stand in front of a tent posing for the camera. The flood waters reach up to the crew member's knees. One man balances on a barrel floating in the water.
[Carpe Cubana's Flooded Show Camp]
Photograph of Carpe Cubana's circus camp in La Feria, Texas. The camp had been flooded, and members of the circus stand together in knee-high water. Some members of the circus carry household goods such as pots, bags of food, and fold-up chairs. Several men sit in the water, and one man even balances a teacup on his head. Plain tents are visible behind the circus members. A hand-written inscription written in white reads "CUBAN SHOW CAMP," and "LA FERIA TEX. 5/29/29."
Charlie Chaplin Clown
Photograph of two clowns shaking hands in front of a circus tent. The clown on the right is imitating Charlie Chaplin. He chews on the end of a cigar and leans on a cane while wearing a bowler hat and suit. The clown on the left wears a similar suit and a crumpled cap.
Child Wearing Cowboy Hat
Photograph of a small boy viewing several photographs in front of a house. He is standing behind a wrought iron gate wearing a cowboy hat, short-sleeved shirt and shorts.
Christmas Greetings Postcard
Postcard depicting a bough of a fir tree covered with snow and draped in Christmas bells. A second image imposed on the fir bough depicts a small home surrounded by snowy mountains and fir trees. "Christmas Greetings" is written on the front of the card. A letter addressed to Sabino Gomez is written in Spanish on the back of the card, dated December 24, 1914.
Church Scene from Maria Osuna
Postcard of a village nestled in a mountainous region. The tall steeple of a church is visible above the cluster of small buildings. Two cows graze in the pasture in front of the village. A letter addressed to Sabino Abreu at the Ringling Brothers Circus in Grand Rapids, Michigan is written in Spanish on the back of the postcard.
Circus Crew
Photograph of a large number of circus performers standing outside of a large building. A road runs to the right of the crowd of circus performers.
Circus Crew
Photograph of Barnum and Bailey outdoor circus. Crowds of civilians mill around outside of the tents. An inscription on the photograph reads "#4 copyright 1910 by Wischuster, Barnum & Bailey's Circus, May 21, 1910. New York." A letter addressed to Sabino Abreu is written in Spanish on the back of the photograph.
Circus Lot
Photograph of a plot of land where a circus performance is in the set-up process. The lot is surrounded by a run-down fence. Several family homes are visible beyond the collection of circus tents.
Circus Performer in Frog Costume
Photograph of a man dressed in a frog costume climbing a tree. The costume consists of a one piece, dark-colored suiting covering his hands and feet. The man's head and neck are covered with a three-dimensional form of a frog's head.
Circus Performers
Photograph of circus performers in front of a decorated sidecar. The twelve male performers and four female performers are dressed in highly-decorate costumes. The sidecar is decorated with flowers and birds.
Circus Performers and Personnel
Photograph of performers and personnel of the Ringling Brothers Circus. The photograph was taken inside of a large tent. The group of men consist of some members dressed in full costume while others are dressed in plain clothes.
Circus Performers in Costume
Photograph of three men, a woman and a young boy in circus uniform. The men are wearing decorative suspenders and bow ties on top of white collared shirts and pants. The woman wears a dress with an embroidered bodice and long skirt, lace up boots, and ruffled bonnet.
Circus Performers in Front of Tent
Photograph of several circus performers standing in front of the big top. Seven men of varying ages stand in a row behind three seated women. The performers are dressed in plain clothes.
Circus Showhorses
Photograph of a circus act consisting of a man conducting four horses in a ring. Each horses is up on its' hind legs. A crowd of onlookers surround the ring, seated in bleachers.
Circus Tent Photographs
Six photographs printed film strip style on one sheet. Each photograph features different men and women in various poses in front of a circus tent.
Circus Unloading
Photograph of the Ringling Brothers Circus in Asheville, North Carolina. Circus workers are unloading items from the train, pictured left. The railroad station is crowded with onlookers watching the circus unload.
Civil War Military Band
Photograph of a civil war band. The band consists of three rows of men in matching uniforms and carrying various instruments.
Clown and Dog
Photograph of a clown dressed in a white two piece ensemble with long gathers at the wrists and ankles. He has a large ruffle around his neck and over-sized shoes on his feet. The clown's face is painted white with dark shapes on his nose, mouth, and eyes. To the left of the clown, a dog balances on its' hind legs on a block.
Clown and Dwarf
Photograph of a clown and dwarf in full costume. The clown is carrying a long stick resting on his shoulder and standing behind a low bench. The dwarf stands to the left on the clown, wearing a suit with flowers pinned to his label.
Clown at the Circus
Photograph of a clown at an outdoor circus. The clown is wearing a bucket hat and a long shirt with two rows of buttons down the front. A crowd of onlookers sits in rows of bleachers behind him.
[Clowns in Carpe Cubana Circus]
Photograph of clowns from the Carpe Cubana Circus. The six women are dressed in matching yellow dresses with large red polka dots. From left to right, the clowns are Berta Posada, Amelia Abreu, unknown, Angela Aguirre Cardenas, unknown, and Arora Dominguez.
[Clowns of the Carpe Cubana Circus]
Photograph of two clowns at the Carpe Cubana Circus. The clown on the left is dressed in over-sized clothing and a striped bow tie. He has a fake mustache on his upper lip, and his face is painted. His eyes are closed as he points toward the clown on the left, who is wearing the same costume.
[Clowns of the Carpe Cubana Circus]
Photograph of two clowns at the Carpe Cubana Circus. The two clowns are dressed in a variety of mismatched clothing.
[Coderra Family Portrait]
Postcard photograph of siblings Rosa, Eduardo, and Hortensia Coderra. The children are standing in a row, facing forward with their arms to their sides. The two girls, on the left and right of Eduardo, wear matching white dresses with polka-dot trim and large hair bows. Eduardo wears a long sleeve shirt with a large sailor's collar and two rows of button running down it. The shirt is secured with a belt. He also wears a cap on his head, and lace-up boots. A letter is inscribed on the back from Hortencia B. Coderra, addressed to Federica Abreu, in New York City.
Codona Wheel Balancing
Photograph of Codona Co. Auto and Truck Wheel Balancing in Walteria, California. The building is a one-story stucco with two large bays for vehicles on the left side and several twelve -pane rectangular windows on the front. Large lettering wraps around both visible sides of the building. A man stands outside of the business wearing a suit and tie. A hand-written inscription on the back in Spanish reads "This is Lalo and his friends' business. Walteria, Ca."
Couple in Front of Tent
Photograph of a man and woman sitting together in front of a tent. The woman sits to the left of the man on a cloth-covered square object. She holds the man's hand with her right hand and supports his head with her left hand. The man is leaning in to the woman, carrying his hat and a piece of paper in both hands.
Courtyard Circus Performance
Photograph of a circus performance occurring in a courtyard between several large buildings. A stage is set up in the middle of the courtyard while a band plays in front of the stage. Crowds of civilians around the stage wait for the performance to begin.
Courtyard Parade
Photograph of a parade taking place in a courtyard. Men and women crowd the sidewalk. A clown walks along the path to the left of the grassy space in the center of the courtyard.
Los Cuatro Holgiun Circus Act
Photograph of the Los Cuatro Holguin circus act performing a stunt. The four boys are balancing on each other's shoulders.
Los Cuatro Holgiun Circus Act
Photograph of the Los Cuatro Holguin circus act performing a stunt. One boy is standing on the shoulders of another boy. The boy balancing on the other's shoulders is holding onto two younger children with each arm. The boy on the bottom of the stunt helps support the weight of the younger children by holding onto their waists.
[Cuban Cookhouse Inundated with Flood Waters]
Photograph of Carpe Cubana's cookhouse in La Feria Texas. The street is flooded into the doorsteps of the houses up and down the street. A man stands in the middle of the street, facing the camera. An inscription on the front of the photograph reads "Cuban Show Cookhouse. La Feria Tex. 5/29/1929."
[Cuban Show]
Photograph of the Carpe Cubana circus headquarters. Several people stand in front of the metal buildings. Debris and piles of raw materials are strewn across the front of the buildings.