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Two Women in Front of Mansion

Description: Photograph of two women standing in front a mansion. They are both wearing large coats with fur collars and winter hats over knee-length dresses. Behind them, a tall brick fence separates the mansion from the street. Tall shrubs and several trees block most of the house from view.
Date: unknown

Two Women in Graveyard

Description: Photograph of two women standing to the right of an unmarked grave. Several other graves with the similar grave markers are nearby. Many cars are parked along a road behind the women. A large building with art-deco architectural details is visible behind the row of cars.
Date: unknown

Two Women in Mexican Dresses

Description: Tinted photograph of two women performing a dance outdoors. The women are holding hands and leaning towards the left and their right leg extended into the air. The women are dressed in Mexican costumes featuring black hats with pom-poms around the rim, long dresses with large floral borders, colored hose and matching necklaces.
Date: unknown

[Wedding Photograph of Lita and Louis Abreu]

Description: Wedding photograph of Louis and Lita Abreu. Lita is to the left of Louis, wearing a floral headpiece attached to a tulle veil. Four strands of pearls complement the lace wedding gown. Louis is wearing a white collared shirt and bow tie and a flower in his label. The couple face each other as the photograph was captured.
Date: unknown

Winnepeg, Canada

Description: Postcard with an image of the corner of Portage Avenue and Main Street in Winnepeg, Canada. The color illustration features a busy city street with pedestrians, police officers, wagons and streetcars all utilizing the road.
Date: unknown

Women Under Arbor

Description: Photograph of a woman holding a plate of fruit underneath an arbor. The woman wears a white lace dress with white heeled shows. Her short hair is worn loosely around her shoulders. In the background, foliage is wrapped around the lattice structure of the arbor. A note in Spanish is written on the back of the photograph.
Date: unknown