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Fourth Cooperative Community Education Workshop, June 7-July 12, 1945

Description: This book describes the Fourth Cooperative Community Education Workshop in particular (including photographs) as well as giving a brief description of the history and philosophy behind the workshops. According to the Foreward, "The primary purpose of the workshop is to relate the responsibilities of the teacher to the total needs of the whole child, the whole school, and the whole community. This bulletin is an attempt to interpret the philosophy and purpose of the workshop through recorded facts and activities."
Date: 1945
Creator: Scott, J. Irving E.

President Matthew W. Dogan of Wiley College: A Biography

Description: This biography of Matthew W. Dogan gives a brief history of Wiley College, a description of Dogan's life, and focuses on his presidency and his effect on the institution, including accounts of professors and students at the school during his time as an administrator.
Date: 1942
Creator: Gibbs, Warmouth T.