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Bandera Public Library

Situated in the Bandera County seat of Bandera, the Library maintains membership as a Lone Star Digital Library to support digital downloads of reading materials for its patrons. The Library received a 2014 Tocker Foundation grant to digitize its community newspaper on The Portal to Texas History.

Joined: November 2015.

Bartlett Activities Center and the Historical Society of Bartlett

Located in Bartlett between Williamson and Bell counties, the Center and Society preserve the historical building that houses them and the history of the community. Bartlett was founded when the Katy Railroad started its survey in 1881 and became a major shipping point for cotton.

Joined: February 2011.

Bastrop Public Library

Located 30 miles southwest of downtown Austin, Bastrop established its first library in 1852. It stands today is the product of numerous renovations and expansions over the years and contains a wealth of resources relating to town genealogy, history, and more. The Tocker Foundation provided funding.

Joined: February 2012.

Baylor County Free Library

Located in Seymour, the library provides access and services to residents of the town and throughout the county. These include print and electronic resources; Internet access and training; exhibits; and events. The Friends of the Seymour Library Group assists the Library in multiple capacities.

Joined: February 2015.

Bee County Historical Commission

Bee County, located in the Rio Grande plain in South Central Texas, grew out of the early settlement of the area by Irish and Mexican settlers and the 19th-century cattle ranching that continues to this day. Bee County's history has been preserved through the work of the Commission as well as the Rescuing Texas History Project.

Joined: February 2010.

Bell/Whittington Public Library

The Library serves the Coastal Bend of Texas. It is dedicated to the free and open access to materials, programs, and services, providing these services in a friendly, timely and efficient manner to all citizens. Notable contributions include images of the 1919 hurricane and photos of a President Taft's visit to a local ranch in 1909.

Joined: July 2010.

Bellaire Historical Society

The Bellaire Historical Society is a nonprofit organization that serves the town of Bellaire near Houston in Harris County. Their purpose is to preserve, maintain, restore, and display materials from bygone eras of the town's history.

Joined: April 2014.

Bicentennial City County Library

The Bicentennial City County Library serves Cottle County from the county seat of Paducah and offers a variety of holdings to its patrons. In collaboration with its publisher, Jimmye Taylor, the Bicentennial City County Library applied for and received a 2015-2016 Tocker Foundation grant.

Joined: May 2016.

Bonham Public Library

The evolution of the Bonham Public Library began in 1901, when a public library was established as an outgrowth of a circulating library sponsored by the Current Literature Club. One hundred and fifteen years later the Library strives to meet the informational, educational, cultural and recreational needs of the Bonham community.

Joined: August 2017.

Bosque County Historical Commission

The Commission is the official organization for carrying out the state preservation program at the local level. Their purpose is to preserve, mark, and encourage appreciation of the history in Bosque County. Materials include photos of early businesses and citizens, maps, and documents from Texas land agent and colonizer Jacob De Cordova.

Joined: May 2009.

Botanical Research Institute of Texas Library

The Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT) is an international scientific research and learning center focused on conservation and knowledge sharing. BRIT’s mission is to conserve our natural heritage by deepening our knowledge of the plant world and achieving public understanding of the value plants bring to life.

Joined: October 2016.

Bowie Public Library

The Bowie Public Library has existed since around 1920 when it was started by the Thursday Club. In 1972, the library memorialized a local public school teacher by renaming the building the Faye Ruth Shaw Memorial Library. It continues to serve residents through materials and various programs.

Joined: November 2015.

Boy Scouts of America National Scouting Museum

The National Scouting Museum maintains a collection that chronicles the collective history of the Boy Scouts of America, and documents related organizations throughout the world. Ranging in scope from fine art to merit badges, the Museum's collections are used for exhibitions, research, and education.

Joined: December 2012.

Boyce Ditto Public Library

Located in Mineral Wells, the Library holds over 50,000 materials and is dedicated to providing free access and services for the community in a friendly and professional manner. Because of the work of the Boyce Ditto Public Library, residents of Palo Pinto County have access to books, online resources, events, and much more.

Joined: May 2009.

Breckenridge Library

The Breckenridge Library is a part of the Breckenridge Library and Fine Arts Foundation. It is a private library providing public services to Breckenridge, Stephens County and the surrounding area. The library occupies over 7500 square feet and containing more than 27,000 titles, staffed by two employees and many volunteers.

Joined: January 2010.

Brown County Museum of History

Since 1982, the museum has made its mission the preservation of the region's history, telling the American story of the first Native American inhabitants, early pioneers, World War II and more. Run by a volunteer board, it operates under the oversight of a state-mandated county historical commission.

Joined: August 2015.

Brownwood Public Library

The original city library building (pictured to the left), constructed in 1904, was one of 2,509 funded by Andrew Carnegie. For 61 years, this Carnegie building served the community—providing materials of both educational and recreational value; as a club and activity center; as a stage for live entertainment; and, during World War II, providing space for the Red Cross to make surgical dressings for military personnel. As the decades passed, Brownwood grew to provide more accoutrements customary to a smaller town, and the library focused its energies on providing reading materials to the public.

Joined: May 2018.

Burleson Public Library

Since 1971, when the Burleson Public Library opened its doors in the historic Renfro-Clark House in Burleson, it has sought to serve as a vital community center that provides materials and services to help community residents obtain information and engage in educationally beneficial activities.

Joined: July 2016.

Burnet County Historical Commission

The Commission's purpose centers on preserving Burnet history on a local level. They make recommendations and placements for historical markers and historically significant property acquisitions. They also accept various museum items in the name of the county and support programs of the Texas Historical Commission.

Joined: March 2012.

Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library

The Library and the Kerr Regional History Center serve as the primary information and resource centers for the city of Kerrville and the surrounding areas. These institutions provide access to the Internet and online databases including Ancestry.com, Newspaper Archive, and Family Search.

Joined: September 2016.