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Calhoun County Public Library

The Calhoun County Library System serves over 20,000 citizens of Calhoun County, located in South Texas.

Joined: June 2020.

Canyon Area Library

Located in the heart of the Texas Panhandle, the Canyon Area Library serves the people of Canyon and surrounding Randall County. The Friends of the Canyon Area Library, a local nonprofit group, helps promote and support the Library.

Joined: July 2012.

Carl and Mary Welhausen Library

Located in Yoakum, which spans Lavaca and Dewitt counties, the Library was organized in 1933 by the Philomathic Club with the help of Work Project Administration. The Library received historic site designation from the Texas Historical Commission in 1993. A Tocker Foundation grant aided in digitization efforts.

Joined: November 2015.

Carrollton Public Library

The Carrollton Public Library strives to provide efficient access to information, educational materials, and services to sustain and inspire the community of Carrollton. The library contains a diverse collection that includes resources such as directories, genealogy materials, encyclopedias, IRS tax forms/publications, and college guides.

Joined: February 2012.

Carson County Library

The Carson County Library serves the Texas Panhandle towns of Groom, Panhandle, Skellytown, and White Deer. They provide valuable literary and educational materials to these residents. The Tocker Foundation provided support to the library for digitization of select historical materials.

Joined: December 2014.

Casey Memorial Library

This U.S. Army library serves Fort Cavazos. The Library was memorialized in 1972 in honor of General George W. Casey, Sr., who was killed in Vietnam while visiting his wounded soldiers. The Library specializes in military and Texas history and operates with full services from computers to databases, books, periodicals, and media for all ages.

Joined: October 2012.

Castroville Public Library

Serving residents of Medina County, Texas, the Castroville Public Library encourages reading and the use of current technology for life-long learning and the enhancement of the individual’s quality of life.

Joined: March 2019.

Cattle Raisers Museum

This is the oldest and largest organization of its kind in the U.S. It first opened in 1980 to build public awareness and appreciation for ranching heritage. They relocated in 2009 to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, and maintain a vast exhibition dedicated to preserving and celebrating the history of the cattle industry.

Joined: May 2009.

Celina Area Heritage Association

The Celina Area Heritage Association was organized in 1999. The goal of the Association is to preserve the rich heritage that the original settlers and succeeding generations have passed down.

Joined: November 2018.

Center for the Advancement and Study of Early Texas Art

The mission of the Center for the Advancement and Study of Early Texas Art is to promote the preservation, study and appreciation of Texas visual arts and its history.

Joined: October 2020.

Central Texas Library System

The Central Texas Library System, Inc., is one of the ten original library systems serving public libraries in Texas from 1972 to 2012. It is still in operation as a non-profit, serving 192 libraries across the state.

Joined: December 2016.

Chambers County Library System

The Library System serves the people of Chambers County. The Libraries play a unique role in the preservation of the county's history, including the preservation of newspapers and oral history interview transcriptions. The Rescuing Texas History grant helped fund digitization efforts.

Joined: December 2014.

Chappell Hill Historical Society Museum

A museum located in Chappell Hill, Texas.

Joined: February 2018.

Cherokee County Historical Commission

The Cherokee County Historical Commission contributes a selection of copy negative photographs depicting families and businesses in Alto, Rusk, Jacksonville, and surrounding towns in Cherokee County.

Joined: December 2013.

Cherokeean Herald

A state historical marker designates the Cherokeean Herald newspaper in Rusk as the state's oldest, continuously published weekly. The publication's rich roots were planted in 1850, when Texas had been a state for just four years. The content of the paper covered much of Alto's history and included creative poetry about the town.

Joined: February 2015.

Childress County Heritage Museum

Since 1983, the Museum has recorded the history and preserved historical artifacts of the county, named after co-author of the Texas Declaration of Independence George C. Childress. The building that houses the Museum is of Spanish Colonial style and received Texas Historical Landmark designation in 1991.

Joined: May 2009.

Cistercian Preparatory School

In the 20th century, Cistercian monks from Hungary made their way to Dallas, where they established the Cistercian Preparatory school in 1962. They built the school on a philosophy that combined academics with Christian faith, morality, and spirituality. Archival materials reflect the rich history of the institution.

Joined: December 2013.

City of Clarendon

Nestled in Donley County in the Texas Panhandle, Clarendon grew out of the cattle ranching in the region during the 19th century. The town grew into the "Athens of the Panhandle" thanks to Clarendon College and the numerous churches in the area. The Tocker Foundation provided funds to digitize materials from the city.

Joined: May 2009.

City of College Station

College Station, the home of the flagship campus of Texas A&M University, has kept records of the city's history through the Texas Historic Online Library Database (Project HOLD). The city was founded in 1938, 59 years after the university. Since 2002, the city has collected and preserved the history of the city.

Joined: August 2013.

City of Denton Parks and Recreation

Beyond maintaining Denton's many parks and trails, City of Denton Parks and Recreation provides residents of the city with a wealth of activities. These include events for various celebrations, group exercises, lessons, after school care and more. The department provides recreation for Dentonites of all ages, including individuals and groups.

Joined: February 2015.

City of Grapevine

The oldest settlement in Tarrant County, Grapevine was officially founded in 1844, the last year of the Republic of Texas before it was annexed by the United States of America. Through the years, its rich history has been preserved through oral histories, now contained in the Grapevine Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB).

Joined: May 2015.

City of Quanah

The City of Quanah was organized in 1884 along the Fort Worth and Denver Railroad. Quanah is named for Quanah Parker, the last Comanche Chief. It became the county seat of Hardeman County in 1890. Its historic courthouse was built by famed architect, R.H. Stuckey, in 1908 and recently underwent a historical remodel by the State of Texas.

Joined: January 2022.

Clark Hotel Museum

The Museum is located in one of the oldest surviving buildings in Van Horn. When Culberson County was first created, the museum site served as the first courthouse. It then served as a hotel for nearly 40 years. The Museum Association purchased the Hotel in 1979. The Rescuing Texas History grant aided with digitization.

Joined: May 2009.

Clay County Historical Society

The Clay County Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the heritage of Clay County by collecting and displaying artifacts and historical materials, by maintaining a museum, and by conducting activities to promote awareness and education.

Joined: May 2009.

Cleveland Historical Society

The Society documents Cleveland's history, growth, and culture. Cleveland was born out of the Santa Fe and Southern Pacific railroads running just north of Houston; logging and lumber mills were core to the town's development.

Joined: February 2011.

Coates Library, Trinity University

Trinity University's Coates Library helps users in their quest to discover and reinterpret knowledge by acquiring relevant portions of the intellectual record and providing access to much of the rest.

Joined: October 2017.

Coleman Public Library

Established in 1885, the Coleman Public Library is among the oldest publicly supported libraries in the state. Its mission rests on serving as a community center, providing technology, educational resources, and reading materials for the enjoyment and education of patrons.

Joined: July 2015.

Collin County Genealogical Society

The Collin County Genealogical Society is located in Plano and is committed to helping researchers trace their genealogy through various educational programs and workshops. They lead the charge in helping record, preserve, and publish Collin County records.

Joined: May 2009.

Collingsworth County Museum

Collingsworth County lies in the eastern region of the Texas Panhandle in the town of Wellington. Since 1888, the Museum documented the culture and heritage of its people. The town was named after the first chief justice of the Republic of Texas and signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, James Collinsworth.

Joined: February 2012.

Comanche Public Library

Comanche Public Library, established in 1960, offers many services from a handsome, comfortable building at 311 N. Austin Street, a block and a half off the square. Designed by O'Neil Ford, it houses more than 26,000 volumes.

Joined: August 2017.

Concordia University Texas

Originally founded as boys' high school Lutheran Concordia College in 1926, Concordia University is today a Christian college located in northwest Austin. As it grew into a full-fledged university system, its history was documented in photographs and preserved for future generations of students and community members' use.

Joined: May 2009.

Cooke County Library

In 1921, Cooke County officially established its public library, although the institution had been in development since 1899 when the XLI Club of Gainesville started a subscription library for $1.00 a year. They provide services to residents of all of Cooke County.

Joined: February 2011.

Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History

The Museum collects and preserves objects that relate to the history of the city. They provide educational resources, children's exhibits, historical collections, and more in pursuit of encouraging exploration of the South Texas region's history and preservation of its unique culture. A Rescuing Texas History grant aided in preservation efforts.

Joined: May 2009.


Located in the historic downtown district of Denton, the 1896 Courthouse-on-the-Square contains historical materials available for researchers. They also have outreach programs for schools, and house artifacts on the different aspects of Denton County, from folk art and weaponry to historic families in the county.

Joined: May 2009.

Cowtown Coliseum

The Cowtown Coliseum is a multi-purpose arena in Fort Worth that hosts rodeos, sporting events, and concerts. Built in 1908, it is part of the historic Fort Worth Stockyards and the first ever indoor arena for rodeos in the United States.

Joined: July 2009.

Crosby County Public Library

The Crosby County Library serves the rural population of Crosbyton and the surrounding area. In 1988, the library moved from its location underneath the county courthouse and to its own facility, where it continues to hold materials that document the history and influence of this West Texas town.

Joined: August 2012.

Cross Plains Public Library

Started in 1979, the Cross Plains Public Library seeks to provide a secure and dynamic environment for life long learning with access to materials for education, information, and recreation. They are a member of the Big Country Library System and house a collection of more than 15,000 items.

Joined: July 2012.

Cuero Public Library

The Cuero Public Library strives to promote literacy, love of reading, and lifelong opportunities for patrons of all ages and cultural and economic backgrounds, through educational, informational and recreational resources. The Tocker Foundation helped fund digitization efforts for the library in 2015.

Joined: March 2016.

Czech Ex-Students Association of Texas

The Czech Ex-Students Association Of Texas (Spolek Ceskych Ex-Studentu Statu Texas) was organized in 1909 to promote and perpetuate the Czech language and culture. Their contributions include materials related to the late Olga Pazdral (1907-1965), teacher and folklorist of Czech culture in Texas.

Joined: February 2015.

The Cathedral Church of St. Matthew

The Cathedral Church of St. Matthew

Joined: July 2021.

The Colony Public Library

Born of the efforts of a loyal group of volunteers, the Library first opened its doors in February 1982 in a small storefront facility it shared with the Parks and Recreation Department. Today the Library contains a lot more space for study, a story time area, and ample room for growth in its role in the community.

Joined: April 2014.
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