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Dallas County Community College District

The largest undergraduate institution in Texas, DCCD contains seven different campuses spread across North Texas. The district was first founded as the Dallas County Junior College District in 1965, with El Centro College in downtown Dallas established in 1966. Today, the district also contains Brookhaven, Cedar Valley, Eastfield, Mountain View, North Lake, and Richland colleges as well as the R. Jan LeCroy Center for Educational Telecommunications.

Joined: May 2009.

Dallas Firefighters Museum

The Dallas Firefighters Museum has documented the history of the firefighting profession in Dallas since its inception in 1972. The fire department itself was established by the city in the 1870s. Hosting roughly 5,000 visitors annually, the museum preserves firefighting history through restoration and display of vintage tools, apparatus, and memorabilia.

Joined: November 2011.

Dallas Genealogical Society

The Dallas Genealogical Society has preserved genealogical information about families in Dallas and the surrounding area. The Society was established in 1954 to preserve family heritage and records and ever since has held monthly meetings, sponsored lecture series and summer institutes to foster education and interest in genealogy and to support collect and preserve information relating to Dallas County and its early history.

Joined: September 2011.

Dallas Heritage Village

Nestled in the intersection of IH-35 and IH-30, the Dallas Heritage Village provides visitors with a look into 19th century Texas life. It contains original buildings, artifacts, and other historical items that are open to the public for a small charge. The village is run by the Dallas County Historical Society and serves approximately 50,000 people annually. Funding for its contributions was provided by a Rescuing Texas History grant.

Joined: May 2009.

Dallas Historical Society

The Dallas Historical Society is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to preserve and exhibit the unique heritage of Dallas. Since its founding in 1922, it has accumulated a collection of nearly 3 million items relating to the city's history and the growth of the state of Texas. Each year, the organization provides more than 160,000 people with access to collections, exhibitions, tours, and more.

Joined: May 2009.

Dallas Municipal Archives

Since 1985, the Dallas Municipal Archives have kept more than 2,000 cubic feet of materials open to the public by appointment. These materials include departmental documents, manuscripts, maps, photographs, and much more. The archives have documented notable events in Dallas history such as the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the activities of the Clyde Barrow Gang, and the general overall growth of the city of Dallas.

Joined: October 2009.

Dallas Museum of Art

The Dallas Museum of Art Archives was established to preserve and administer the museum's permanent institutional records and special collections. The mission of the archives is to support the goals of the Dallas Museum of Art by identifying, collecting, preserving, and making available for staff the public records of enduring value created or received by the museum and its employees.

Joined: October 2011.

Dallas Public Library

Initiated by the Dallas Federation of Women's Clubs, the Dallas Public Library grew out of, among others, a grant from steel tycoon Andrew Carnegie. It became a War Information Center during WWII, and the decades after its expansion led to the creation of new branches in other parts of the city. Today, the Library provides services to the millions of residents in the Dallas area.

Joined: May 2009.

Danish Heritage Preservation Society

The Danish Heritage Preservation Society provides thousands of items depicting the history of Danish people in Texas. The items include photographs, postcards, legal documents, and books that date from the 1860s.

Joined: July 2012.

Deaf Smith County Library

Located in the western Texas Panhandle, the Deaf Smith County Library serves the people of Hereford and the surrounding area. From its early start as a small room in the Hereford Bank in 1910 to its current role as a technological and education center, the Library has continued to uphold its mission to provide access and promote learning in the community.

Joined: May 2009.

Dennis M. O'Connor Public Library

A gift from Mr. and Mrs. Dennis O'Connor of Refugio established the Library in 1961, and today it still bears Mr. O'Connor's name. The Library memorializes the Irish colonists who settled the county in the 19th century. Today, it serves as an important genealogical and educational resource for this South Texas community.

Joined: March 2015.

Denton Independent School District

Denton Independent School District has a long history of educating students in Denton. The first public school in the city began in 1884 with 425 students. Since then, the district has seen many changes in organization and periods of rapid growth.

Joined: January 2013.

Denton Public Library

The Denton Public Library partnered with UNT Libraries on a grant From Plowshares to Diplomas: Digitizing Early Denton History, which was completed in 2007. Materials include local history photographs, maps, city directories, and some books. Funding for this project was provided by the Forrest C. Lattner Foundation.

Joined: May 2009.

Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History is an Austin-based organization that collects, preserves, and provides access to materials relevant to Texas and U.S. history. It operates within the public services and research components of the University of Texas at Austin.

Joined: October 2009.

Dublin Public Library

Located about 70 miles southwest of Fort Worth, the Dublin Public Library provides free services to all residents of Erath County and the surrounding communities. It has been a free public library since its commencement in 1952. The Tocker Foundation provided funding to help with digitization efforts.

Joined: November 2014.