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East Texas Genealogical Society

East Texas Genealogical Society provides a Quarterly publication containing genealogical information about families in East Texas including fifth generation charts, family histories, and lists of records (births, deaths, etc.).

Joined: July 2009.

Eastland Centennial Memorial Library

The Eastland Centennial Memorial Library is a happening place. In 2014, the library applied for and received a Tocker Foundation grant to digitize its local newspapers on The Portal to Texas History, which will benefit area genealogists.

Joined: October 2014.

Edison Museum

Located in Beaumont, Texas, The Edison Museum is the only institution dedicated to the life and times of Thomas Edison west of the Mississippi. The museum’s mission is to educate the public over the inventions and life story of Thomas Edison. Located in the historic Travis Street substation the museum itself has served in supplying the city with electricity for nearly 100 years. During the 1980’s Gulf States Utilities decided to dedicate the building to education, and thus The Edison Museum was born. Among the various Edison artifacts visitors will also find items chronicling the history of electrical power in Southeast Texas and Louisiana. Photos from this period provide a glimpse into the past, and offer valuable information about how the world developed. In that spirit, The Edison Museum, believed that their collection of such materials would benefit in being made public in The Portal to Texas History/ UNT Digital Library. The Edison Museum remains a vital institution in the Beaumont area. The non-profit organization is made possible by generous grants from Entergy. Together these companies are able to reach a wide range of people, providing them with a look into America’s past. It is our hope that the photographs we have provided to the Portal to Texas History will help spread that message worldwide. In the words of Thomas Edison, “If our work has widened the horizon of man’s understanding and given even a little measure of happiness in this world, I am content.”

Joined: October 2016.

The El Paso County Historical Society

The El Paso County Historical Society has provided the Portal to Texas History with directories of the city of El Paso, Texas and Cuidad Juarez, Mexico. The Society exists to study local El Paso and El Paso County history, to foster local research, to acquire and preserve historical documents and archives, to make collections available to the public for research and information, and to encourage historical writing and publication.

Joined: May 2012.

El Paso Public Library

The El Paso Public Library contributes photographs from the Otis Aultman Photograph Collection, which pertain to the Mexican Revolution, Pancho Villa's raid on Columbus, New Mexico, and the ensuing Punitive Expedition of 1916-1917.

Joined: October 2009.

Ellis Memorial Library

On April 21, 1981, the Port Aransas Library was opened to the public and in September, 1981, became a member of the South Texas Library System. By 1995, the Library had out-grown its space in the City Hall complex, was relocated, and was renamed The William R. "Bill" Ellis Memorial Library, in honor of the former mayor and civic leader. The doors opened in January of 1996.

Joined: May 2014.

Ennis Public Library

The Ennis Public Library officially opened its doors to the citizens of Ennis on July 18, 1939. Originally located on the third floor of the police station, it moved to its current address on West Ennis Avenue in 1982.

Joined: August 2016.

Erath County Genealogical Society

The Erath County Genealogical Society presents the Ralph and Dossie Rogers Historic Image Collection, photographs from the Cross Timbers area of Central Texas taken and preserved by Ralph and Dossie Gilbreath Rogers. The photographs were digitized via a Rescuing Texas History grant.

Joined: December 2014.

Euless Public Library

The Euless Public Library contributes photographs and letters to the Texas History Collection that include a photograph of the WWI soldiers from Company E. 359th Division, and photos from the Falls family of Roxton.

Joined: May 2009.