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F.M. Buck Richards Memorial Library

Located just south of the exact point that marks the geographic center of the state, Brady is certainly the "True Heart of Texas.” F.M. (Buck) Richards Memorial Library has served McCulloch County’s families for many years.

Joined: January 2018.

Fairfield Library

The Fairfield Library first opened its doors August 2, 1954, in a small brick house on the Courthouse square with just 224 books. By 1977, the growing library gained accreditation in the Texas Library System and subsequently became a place where families could spend time together reading and enjoying the abundant resources.

Joined: August 2018.

Fannie Brown Booth Memorial Library

The Fannie Brown Booth Memorial Library has served Shelby County residents at its present site in Center since 1974.

Joined: October 2020.

Fannin County Historical Commission

The Fannin County Historical Commission promotes the preservation of the history and administers the Texas Historical Commission's historical marker program for Fannin County. Through its website and physical files, the commission makes available to the public a wide range of historical information.

Joined: October 2015.

Fannin County Museum of History

The Fannin County Museum of History is located in the old Texas & Pacific Railroad Depot in Bonham, Texas. The Museum displays a great variety of historical artifacts, including the fire engine that fought the 1929 Courthouse Fire, a restored WWII PT-19 Fairchild airplane and a caboose. The Museum also has online collections of photographs and documents which can be accessed from its website, fannincountymuseum.org.

Joined: September 2021.

Fayette Public Library, Museum and Archives

Re-opened in 2005, the expanded Fayette Public Library, Museum and Archives serves the city of La Grange and surrounding communities in Fayette County, Texas.

Joined: February 2018.

Ferris Public Library

Located just southeast of Dallas in the town of Ferris, the Ferris Public Library provides free services to people living in the area. These services include access to print and electronic resources, Internet access, and events.

Joined: March 2009.

Fire Museum of Texas

Located in the Beaumont Fire Department's 1927 Central Fire Station, the museum opened in 1984 and became the official state fire museum in 1986. Today it provides access to fire service history and education for people across the state of Texas. This nonprofit organization is operated by Beaumont Fire-Rescue Services.

Joined: December 2013.

First Christian Church Arlington

First Christian Church is a congregation that finds its life in forming Christ-centered relationships. It is affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), The Christian Church in the Southwest, and the Trinity Brazos Area.

Joined: August 2018.

First Christian Church of Port Arthur

The church, which is part of the Disciples of Christ, has been in Port Arthur since 1904. In addition to the important role they play in their community, the church is known for famous musician Janis Joplin, who sang with the youth choir in the early 1950s. They received a Rescuing Texas History grant in 2007 to aid in digitization.

Joined: May 2009.

First Presbyterian Church of Waco

The First Presbyterian Church is one of the oldest congregations in Waco, having been organized in May of 1855, with seventeen members and two Ruling Elders. The church archives contain historical photographs and records, including minutes of the Session, registers of Elders and Deacons, as well as communicants (members), baptisms, marriages, and deaths.

Joined: December 2019.

First United Methodist Church of Dallas

First United Methodist Church has stood in the heart of downtown Dallas for over 170 years. In that time, the neighborhood and the city have changed around us, but our presence and witness remains steadfast.

Joined: September 2018.

Flower Mound Public Library

Established in 1985, the mission of The Flower Mound Public Library is to support education and quality of life in Flower Mound and the surrounding areas.

Joined: October 2017.

Fort Bend County Libraries

The Libraries serve the Fort Bend community as a resource center, with the Richmond-based George Memorial Library as the main campus. Materials include the history of the South, federal censuses, the Civil War, genealogy, and more.

Joined: June 2015.

Fort Bend History Association

Since 1967, the Museum has preserved and interpreted state and county history. It provides a glimpse into life on the Brazos River through exhibit galleries, home museums, and a walking tour of historic Richmond. Among the Museum's materials are photos of prohibitionist Carrie A. Nation and "Mother of Texas" Janne Long.

Joined: May 2009.

Fort Davis Historical Society - Overland Trail

The museum is located on the historic San Antonio-El Paso Road/Southern Overland Trail. It contains many unique and varied displays depicting early life in the West including the original Valentine Post Office and telephone switchboard, early medical paraphernalia, a restored pioneer settlers kitchen, an original curling machine, and numerous early photographs of pioneer settlers and buildings. The Museum is owned and operated by The Fort Davis Historical Society.

Joined: October 2021.

Fort Worth Aviation Museum

The Fort Worth Aviation Museum (formerly the Veterans Memorial Air Park) is a group of organizations dedicated to the history of aviation in Fort Worth, the North Texas region, and around the world. The FWAM includes the B-36 Peacemaker Museum, the Forward Air Controller’s Museum.

Joined: November 2015.

Fort Worth Jewish Archives

A program of the Jewish Federation of Fort Worth and Tarrant County, the Archives is part of the mission to unite and strengthen the Jewish community in Texas and ensure its well-being and continuity.

Joined: March 2011.

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

Originally housed in classrooms at De Zavala Elementary School in Fort Worth, the Museum has grown considerably since its official opening in 1945. The purpose of the museum has always been to provide engaging programs and exhibits to promote learning in science and the history of Texas and the Southwest.

Joined: February 2016.

Fort Worth Public Library

Located in the heart of Fort Worth, the Library provides access to millions of books and other resources. In addition to traditional library services, they host events, workshops, training, and passport acceptance. They received a grant for "Where the West Begins: Capturing Fort Worth's Historic Treasures" for their role in preserving city history.

Joined: May 2009.

Franklin County Library

Situated in Mount Vernon, the Franklin County Library supports Mount Vernon and the wider county with programming for children and adults alike.

Joined: April 2021.

French Legation Museum

Built in 1841, the French Legation Museum is the oldest existing home in Austin. It began as the private home of Alphonse Dubois, the French chargé d'affaires and changed hands twice before it fell under the custody of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, who maintain and provide access to the museum today.

Joined: October 2009.

Friench Simpson Memorial Library

The Library has served Hallettsville and the surrounding areas as part of the South Texas Library System since 1937. The photograph collection at the Friench Simpson Memorial Library is the largest and most complete collection of historic photographs of Lavaca County.

Joined: February 2011.

Frisco Public Library

With a focus on literacy and intellectual freedom, the Frisco Public Library first came to fruition in 1991 in a small building staffed solely by volunteers. Today, the Library has grown into a well-funded, innovative institution located in the George A. Purefoy Municipal Center, but still maintains the same mission of educating and inspiring patrons.

Joined: September 2016.

Frontier Texas

Frontier Texas is a history museum, heritage center, and visitor information center located in downtown Abilene. It allows visitors to relive the Old West through of state-of-the-art technology and brings the frontier to life to let visitors meet people who played out their lives on the Texas frontier.

Joined: May 2015.

Heritage Association of Frisco

The Heritage Association of Frisco is dedicated, as a committed partner with Frisco's Heritage Museum and Center, to saving the history of one of the fastest growing cities in Texas and the nation and sharing it with our residents and visitors.

Joined: April 2021.
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