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Kemah Historical Society

The Kemah Historical Society has contributed historical photographs depicting various aspects, places, and people of the city. The Society was founded to research and preserve the history and artifacts of Kemah and the surrounding Bay Area.

Joined: March 2012.

Kerens Public Library

The Kerens Public Library contributed issues of the Kerens Tribune to the Portal. The newspaper served Kerens and surrounding areas and began publishing in 1892.

Joined: February 2015.

Kerr County Historical Commission

The Kerr County Historical Commission (KCHC) was established in 1975, with nine members representing all areas of the county. It is a unit of the Texas Historical Commission and works under the guidance of the Kerr County Commissioners Court. Members are appointed by the Kerr County Commissioners Court.

The purpose of the KCHC is to protect and preserve Kerr County’s historic and cultural resources for the use, education, enjoyment and appreciation of present and future generations. These purposes are distinct from organizations or societies focused on genealogical or family history preservation. The KCHC was pleased to join the Portal to Texas History as a partner in 2014 as an avenue to carry out its purpose of preservation and sharing of historical resources.

Major projects of the KCHC include the preservation of landmark buildings (Old Tivy High School Original Building, the Union Church Restoration), and the designation of over 80 Historical Markers. The Oral History Committee, begun in 1998, has an archive of 85 personal histories of Kerr County pioneer and community individuals. The archives of the KCHC are housed at Schreiner University.

The KCHC gratefully acknowledges the continuing support of the Kerr County Commissioners Court, the visionary leadership of the Chairpersons of the KCHC throughout the years, and the contributions of the many KCHC members committed to preservation of Kerr County.

Joined: July 2015.

Killeen City Library System

The Killeen City Library System contributes materials for the grant Rescuing Texas History through the Digitization of At-Risk Photographs and Maps. Images include photographs of the Killeen area, early citizens and the library.

Joined: May 2009.

Krum United Methodist Church

The Krum United Methodist Church collection contains the earliest register of the Krum United Methodist Church, covering the years 1886 to 1925. It contains the Register of pastors, marriages, infant baptisms, and members.

Joined: June 2009.