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Kemah Historical Society

Since 2004, the Kemah Historical Society has researched and preserved the history and artifacts of Kemah and the surrounding Bay Area. They strive to increase awareness of the area's historical and ecological significance by disseminating information actively collecting, documenting and preserving artifacts and memorabilia.

Joined: March 2012.

Kerens Public Library

In 1988, a group of volunteers came together and created the Kerens Public Library. The Library grew considerably, and by 2000 needed a larger building. Through donations, hard work, and perseverance, the Library became the notable Kerens institution it is today, providing services and meeting space for patrons.

Joined: February 2015.

Kerr County Historical Commission

The Kerr County Historical Commission (KCHC) was established in 1975, with representatives from all areas of the county. This unit of the Texas Historical Commission works under the guidance of the Kerr County Commissioners Court, who appoints members.

Joined: July 2015.

Killeen City Library System

The Killeen City Library System serves the people of Killeen and surrounding Bell County. The institution received a Rescuing Texas History grant to digitize at-risk photographs and maps of the Killeen area, early citizens, and the library itself.

Joined: May 2009.

Krum Heritage Museum

The Krum Heritage Museum was opened in 2010. The goal of the museum is to preserve and foster an appreciation of Krum’s rich history and to develop pride and citizenship benefiting future generations.

Joined: May 2023.

Krum United Methodist Church

First organized in 1876, the church served as a center for school and worship. As membership grew and expanded, they kept records of the congregation, the church, and the surrounding community. The records were preserved and contribute greatly to the understanding of North Texas' development through the years.

Joined: June 2009.
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