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Odem Public Library

The Odem Public Library serves the city of Odem and wider San Patricio County.

Joined: September 2018.

Oklahoma Historical Society

In 1893, members of the Oklahoma Territory Press Association formed the Oklahoma Historical Society to keep a detailed record of Oklahoma history and preserve it for future generations. The Oklahoma History Center opened in 2005, and operates in Oklahoma City.

Joined: May 2009.

Old Jail Art Center

The Old Jail Art Center (OJAC) first opened in 1980 in the first permanent jail built in Shackelford County, comprised of four small galleries. It functions as a primary cultural resource for the region, providing visual art, performing art, and local history resources for residents and visitors alike, and fostering memorable experiences.

Joined: May 2014.

Old Settler's Association of Grayson County

In 1879, settlers in Grayson County created the Association a few miles southwest of Sherman. Since then, the group changed its name and bought land in the county, and today functions as a preserver of the area's history. The group grants financial assistance to local libraries, educational institutions, and museums.

Joined: May 2009.

Olney Community Library

Situated as both a public library and a school library, the Olney Community Library serves the city of Olney and its surrounding area by providing books, periodicals and movies to patrons of all ages.

Joined: January 2019.

Orange County Historical Society

The Orange County Historical Society works to document and preserve the history of the Southeastern Texas region along the Sabine River. They hold quarterly meetings and regularly publish information about the county's history.

Joined: June 2013.
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