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Galveston & Texas History Center, Rosenberg Library

The Galveston and Texas History Center at the Rosenberg Library in Galveston, Texas collects, preserves and organizes archival materials that document the history of Galveston and Texas, focusing on Galveston from the city’s incorporation in 1839 through the present and Texas from the Spanish period to the end of the Civil War. Manuscripts comprise the History Center's largest and most significant component. Other holdings in the History Center include a large photograph collection, maps, architectural drawings, genealogical materials, and reference books. The History Center contributes city directories from Galveston for the period 1859 – 1881.

Joined: August 2015.

Reagan County Library

A center of agricultural and oil production, Reagan County is situated in West Texas on the northwestern edge of the Edwards Plateau. Documenting the community's history from the 1920s and onwards, The Big Lake Wildcat is available on The Portal to Texas History through the generous support of a Tocker Foundation grant.

Joined: November 2015.

Rice University: Woodson Research Center

Rice University's Woodson Research Center, part of the Fondren Library, contributes digital copies of the Thresher, the Southwest Chinese Journal, and Osterhout family papers.

Joined: May 2012.

Richard S. and Leah Morris Memorial Library

The Richard S. and Leah Morris Memorial Library was completed in 2012 with a gift donation from Mr. Richard S. Morris. Their addition of The Claude News to The Portal to Texas History has been generously supported by the Tocker Foundation.

Joined: November 2013.

Richardson Public Library

The Richardson Public Library collection features images of early settlers, local farms, and businesses, including Texas Instruments.

Joined: May 2009.

Rio Grande City Public Library

The mission of the Rio Grande City Public Library is to maintain and improve the quality of life for all citizens of our community by providing resources that enhance literacy, life-long learning and access to ideas. The Library serves as a hub for patrons to discover the joy of reading and the value of libraries. The Rio Grande City Public Library has over 5,000 library card holders and welcomes 1000 visitors a month. The Library Board of the City of Rio Grande City was created in 2008 and is charged with encouraging development of the public library and with recommending to City Council policies and programs for the advancement of the library.

Joined: December 2011.

River Valley Pioneer Museum

The River Valley Pioneer Museum located in Canadian, Texas offers a rich collection of Julius Born's photographs of Hemphill and surrounding counties from the early twentieth century.

Joined: January 2010.

Rose Marine Theater

The Rose Marine Theater opened as a movie house in the 1920s, and was well-known for screening Spanish language films. The theater brought famous Mexican movie stars from the Golden Age of Cinema to Fort Worth to promote their films. These photographs include images of actors and performers such as Tito Guizar, Victor M. Cuevas, Lydia Mendoza, Carlos Lopez Moctezuma, Maria Luisa Zea, Juan Alvarado, Fernando Casanova, Sofia Alvarez, and others. The Rose Marine Theater is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Joined: May 2009.