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The 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum

This Museum is located in Abilene and serves as a display and teaching museum for the study of World War II and its impact on the American people. It primarily contains 12th Armored Division World War II archives, memorabilia, and oral histories, along with selected equipment and material loaned or donated by others.

Joined: March 2014.

Taft Public Library

The town of Taft, formerly known as Mesquital, was established in the early 1900s on the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railroad in San Patricio County. Taft was named for Charles Taft, half-brother of President William Howard Taft. The Library received a 2015 Tocker Foundation grant.

Joined: November 2015.

Talkington Clement Family Archives

The Talkington/Clement Family Archives include photographs that provide accounts of the Texas frontier before the Civil War, as well as a memoir of Perry Clement Talkington. The family archives also provide a genealogy of both the Talkington and Clement families.

Joined: February 2012.

Tarleton State University

First founded in 1899 as a private, liberal arts college, the school joined the Texas A&M University System in 1917; started granting four-year degrees in 1959; and became a full-fledged university in 1973. With its main campus in Stephenville, it serves as the educational and cultural flagship of the Cross Timbers Region.

Joined: February 2011.

Tarrant County Archives

The Tarrant County Archives strive to collect, preserve and provide access to records of Tarrant County history. Located in the Tarrant County Plaza Building, the Archives are comprised of thousands of documents.

Joined: December 2014.

Tarrant County Black Historical and Genealogical Society

Founded in 1974 by activist and historian Lenora Rolla, the Tarrant County Black Historical and Genealogical Society is a nonprofit educational and public service organization located in Fort Worth. It collects, preserves, and makes available materials that document, interpret, and empower all areas of the African-American experience in Tarrant County, Texas.

Joined: November 2018.

Tarrant County College NE, Heritage Room

The Heritage Room and District Archives were officially established in 2010, but their origins date back to the mid-1970s, with the former opening in 1975. With an emphasis on the cultural heritage of Tarrant County and North Texas, they house thousands of items.

Joined: May 2009.

Taylor Public Library

Located in Taylor about 40 miles northeast of Austin, the library provides materials and services to support the needs of its citizens. The mission of the library is to promote a life-long love of reading and to provide educational, informational, and recreational resources to patrons of all ages and of all cultural and economic backgrounds.

Joined: February 2012.

TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library

The Mary Couts Burnett Library provides intellectual resources, innovative technology tools, and an inspiring physical and virtual environment to serve the diverse community of learners at Texas Christian University.

Joined: June 2017.

Temple College

Founded 1926, Temple College has enjoyed an excellent academic reputation for 90 years. It fosters student success for its diverse community by providing quality lifelong learning and enrichment experiences that empower students to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Joined: February 2018.

Texas A&M University Kingsville

The university began as South Texas State Teachers College in 1925. That same year, the South Texas Archives were established to preserve and make available university and documentary materials regarding the cultural, geographical, political, and natural history of South Texas. Its collections include rare books, along with oil and gas engineering, music, ranching, railroad, and Hispanic materials.

Joined: July 2018.

Texas Archeological Society

Founded in 1928 and with a current membership of 1,000, the Texas Archeological Society (TAS) brings together professional and avocational archeologists. TAS promotes scientific archeological exploration and research, the preservation and conservation of archeological materials and sites, and the curation of their associated information.

Joined: June 2018.

Texas Art Education Association

The Texas Art Education Association strives to to "promote visual arts education as an integral part of the curriculum through the professional development of knowledge and skills." It provides service and leadership opportunities and addresses policies and decisions relative to practices and directions in visual arts education.

Joined: November 2012.

Texas Chapter of the American Fisheries Society

The TCAFS includes people from various state agencies, universities, and businesses. It promotes the conservation, development, and wise utilization of recreational and commercial fisheries. It also supports all branches of fisheries science and practice as well as the exchange and dissemination of knowledge about fishery-related subjects.

Joined: January 2013.

Texas Coastal Bend Collection

The Texas Coastal Bend Collection is located in Victoria. The more than 35-year documentation of the ranching culture in South Texas includes the O'Connor ranches as the focal point. Much of the cultural landscape of the area grew out of the influence of Irish immigrants and the Texas Revolution.

Joined: May 2016.

Texas Cotton Gin Museum

History’s alive at the Official Cotton Gin Museum of Texas, home of the oldest operating cotton gin in America. The Burton Farmers Gin is powered by a 1925 Bessemer engine- the largest of its vintage still operating in the USA! Recognized by the ASME, National Trust for Historic Preservation, National Register of Historic Places, Smithsonian Institution, and the Texas Historical Commission, museum guests are transported to an era that defined the American Spirit. Thousands of visitors from around the world tour the historic cotton gin where it has stood since 1914.

Joined: May 2022.

Texas Department of Transportation

The Texas Department of Transportation Photo Library contributes a selection of photographs from its vast collection.

Joined: March 2011.

Texas General Land Office

Established in 1837, the General Land Office consists of land grant records and maps dating to the 18th century relating to the passage of Texas public lands to private ownership. Still important to Texans because of their legal value, the materials are also now highly regarded by genealogists, historians, archeologists, and surveyors.

Joined: May 2009.

Texas Gulf Historical Society

Founded in 1965 and located in Beaumont, Texas, the Texas Gulf Historical Society supports the research, publication, and preservation of the history and culture of Southeast Texas and the gulf region.

Joined: May 2022.

Texas Historical Commission

The Texas Historical Commission is the state agency for historic preservation. THC staff consults with citizens and organizations to preserve Texas' architectural, archeological, and cultural landmarks.

Joined: September 2012.

Texas Historical Foundation

Since it was created by the Texas State Legislature in 1953 and established in 1954, the Texas Historical Foundation has strived to preserve Texas history and promote education. They do so by funding projects that align with this mission in the form of grants.

Joined: May 2009.

Texas Lutheran University

Founded in 1891, TLU is located in Seguin. With a diverse student body and small class sizes, the school provides a sense of community and an environment where individuality and personal growth are as integral to success as rigorous academics.

Joined: March 2017.

Texas Medical Association

The Texas Medical Association (originally Texas State Medical Association) was founded in 1853, six years after the American Medical Association and eight years after Texas statehood.

Joined: April 2015.

Texas Military Forces Museum

Located at Camp Mabry in Austin, the Museum has told the story of Texas military history from 1823 to the present. BG John C.L. Scribner founded the Museum in 1986, when he was tasked by the Adjutant General to establish a museum for the Texas Guard.

Joined: June 2016.

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) manages and protects the state's parks and historical areas as well as its wildlife and habitats.

Joined: January 2015.

Texas Southern University

Texas Southern University is a comprehensive metropolitan university located in Houston. The university provides academic programs that address critical urban issues and prepare an ethnically diverse student population to become a force for positive change in a global society.

Joined: February 2014.

Texas State Genealogical Society

The Texas State Genealogical Society serves to document and provide access to genealogical information and Texas heritage. Membership is open to individuals and organizations who are interested in researching and preserving genealogical and historical records.

Joined: May 2009.

Texas State Historical Association

Organized in Austin in 1897, the TSHA's mission centers on fostering appreciation, understanding, and teaching of the rich and unique history of Texas. They do so through various programs, research, preservation and publication of historical materials related to the state.

Joined: July 2010.

Texas State Library and Archives Commission

This agency was formed in 1909 to ensure that Texas residents have access to information and resources to help them lead informed, productive, fulfilled lives.

Joined: May 2009.

Texas State Preservation Board

The Texas State Preservation Board was established in 1983 to preserve, maintain, and restore the State Capitol and the General Land Office building. Notable author William Sydney Porter, known by his pen name O. Henry, worked in the department, and many artifacts related to him are still available.

Joined: March 2015.

Texas State University

Nestled in the hills of San Marcos, the University was authorized in 1899 and Southwest Texas State Normal School first opened its doors in 1903. The original institution was formed to train teachers, and the school has only expanded in the century since.

Joined: October 2015.

Texas Tech University Rawls College of Business

Named after Texas Tech alumnus and businessman Jerry S. Rawls, the Rawls College provides degree programs, resources, and educational tools to students who strive to build a career in business.

Joined: March 2015.

Texas Wesleyan University

Founded in 1890 in Fort Worth, this United Methodist institution has a tradition in the liberal arts and sciences and a focus on professional and career preparation. Texas Wesleyan has historically combined service to a residential population along with its strong commitment to a commuting and adult population.

Joined: January 2012.

Texas Woman's University Libraries

In 1901, the Texas Legislature founded the Girls Industrial College in Denton, which would become Texas Woman's University in 1957. TWU began admitting men in 1972. Today, the school is a major institution that offers a comprehensive catalog of academic studies.

Joined: May 2010.

The Thanks-Giving Foundation

The Thanks-Giving Foundation owns and operates Thanks-Giving Square, a contemplation garden, exhibition hall and interfaith chapel nestled in the heart of downtown Dallas. The Foundation strives to make North Texas a better place to live, work and play by educating, inspiring and moving its people towards becoming the City of Thanks-Giving.

Joined: May 2020.

Timpson Public Library

The Timpson Public Library opened its doors in 2003 in the East Texas town of Timpson, which was named after railroad engineer T.B. Timpson. The Library, in coordination with its genealogical society, received a Tocker Foundation grant.

Joined: May 2016.

Tittle-Luther/Parkhill, Smith and Cooper, Inc.

Established in 1957, the Tittle-Luther Partnership in Abilene, Texas merged with Lubbock-based Parkhill, Smith and Cooper, Inc. in 2012. The firm specializes in architecture and engineering. As one of Parkhill, Smith and Cooper’s regional offices, Tittle-Luther shares an architectural history that spans over 70 years and includes nine locations in Texas and New Mexico.

Joined: January 2018.

Travis County Clerk's Office

Travis County contributes selected records from the office of the County Clerk, including probate, deed, and county court records and Commissioners Court minutes, dating from the 1840s to the early 1900s. The Travis County Clerk is the county recorder, clerk to the County Courts, and clerk to the Commissioners Court.

Joined: September 2015.

Travis County District Clerk's Office

The Travis County District Clerk's Office has provided a selection of criminal case documents from 1853. The Office of the District Clerk in the office of record for all proceedings heard in the state district courts.

Joined: May 2012.

Travis County Historical Commission

The Travis County Historical Commission was established in 1963, enabled by the Texas Legislature, which provided the framework for such commissions in every county. The Commission was originally called the Travis County Historical Survey Committee and updated the name in 1972 to better describe its mission.

Joined: October 2017.

Troop 201 Alumni Foundation

Troop 201 Alumni Foundation

Joined: July 2023.

Two Rivers Heritage Foundation

The Two Rivers Heritage Foundation's mission is to encourage, study, display, and facilitate historic preservation for all the people throughout the Navasota and Grimes County region.

Joined: July 2017.

Tyrrell Historical Library

The Tyrrell Historical Library collects and preserves the history of the greater Beaumont area, which also includes the history of Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana. The Library as a historical research repository was established in 1975, and has significant archival collections, genealogy records, and Texas history books.

Joined: July 2014.
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