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[Aerial Photograph of Avenger Field at Sweetwater]

Description: Aerial photograph of a group of buildings at Avenger Field in Sweetwater, Texas. Most of the buildings are metal, and are connected by paths and roads. Airplane lanes and tarmac are visible in the background. Handwritten notes on the back of the photo give the date the photo was taken, and the name and address of a man named Richard Harkness.
Date: September 16, 1991
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum

[Clipping: Cover girl]

Description: Newspaper clipping with a captioned photograph of Shirley Slade Teer signing an oversized copy of the Life Magazine cover about the WASP. The clipping also includes the obituaries of Mamie Moulton, Louie Geldart, Alfred F. Henricks, and Lula Mae Lincoln.
Date: September 28, 1986
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum

[Clipping: "Early-bird Registration"]

Description: Newspaper clipping of a photograph with text under that reads: " Its been 15 years since Doris Tanner visited Sweetwater for the 1972 reunion for the Woman Airforce Service Pilots(WASPs). During this week-end's reunion, Tanner will take over as the president-elect of the WASP organization. She has written a biographical account of Leni Deaton's life and year's as administrative assistant to Col. Jacqueline Cochran, WASP commander. The account is partially reprinted in today's Sweetwater Reporter...and complete in the 1986 WASP reunion program. Tanner was one of the first ex-WASPs to register for the reunion yesterday." Another article about an air show that will be held for the WASP is also included.
Date: September 25, 1986
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum