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[Collection of Paper Dolls]

Description: Collection of paper doll figures that have been cut out of magazines and journals. The images include young girls and children as well as adult women in fashionable dresses and men in dressing gowns.
Date: 1900~
Partner: McFaddin-Ward House Museum

[Two Men Sitting by Ladder]

Description: Photograph of two men sitting by a ladder. They are both looking at the camera and wearing hats. The ladder is to the left of the photo. Back of photo reads, "Whitten, Mr. Harris - Westinghouse Engr, New Trans Bank".
Date: unknown
Partner: Edison Museum

1½ Miles to "Neches"

Description: Photograph of a railroad (bottom) and vehicles (left). People and utility poles can also be seen in the background. Back of photo reads, "W.L. Straughn Gulf States Utilities Co. Neches Power Station Beaumont, Texas".
Date: June 1, 1929
Partner: Edison Museum

[Six Men by Bus]

Description: Photograph of six men standing by a bus. The bus has the words "Eastern Texas Electric" on it and the word "garage" can be seen written on the building in the background. The men are wearing hats and formal attire. There is also another bus behind the bus the men are standing in front of. A tree can be seen on the right in the background.
Date: October 31, 1929
Partner: Edison Museum

[Group of Men Watching Demonstration of Machine]

Description: Photograph of a group of unidentified men watching a demonstration of a machine. They are standing on the right side while the machine is on the left. One man is holding a wheel on the machine and turning it. Above the wheel are gauges. They are inside a warehouse of sorts. Back of photo reads, "Prod. - Bmt. Arch. Plant Dedication".
Date: unknown
Partner: Edison Museum