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[Manuscript Leaf from 13th Century, Germany?]

Description: 13th-century German manuscript leaf. Double column, transitional Caroline/gothic hand. Text from a Lectionary(Matthew 13:15 - 13:21, in which Christ explains to his disciples why he speaks in parables). Written by an accomplished scribe, with capitals, ampersands, ligatures, and fishtail-like terminations at the top of ascenders indicate that the script is transitional, from the late Caroline to the early gothic. Recovered from a bound book.
Date: [1201..1300]
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Leaf from Latin Bible of Ecclesiastes 2-8, 13th Century, France]

Description: A leaf from a Latin Bible (France, ca. 1200-1240), including text from Ecclesiastes 2-8. Text displayed in 2 columns, gothic script written "above top line", and chapter numbers in margins, indicating a date before ca. 1240. Notable in this item are the outer margin prickings used for the creation of horizontal justification lines and the hole in the vellum, around which text has been written.
Date: [1200..1240]
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections
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