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[Letter from Albert Sydney Burleson to Dr. Joseph Pound, July 5, 1906]

Description: Letter from Albert Sydney Burleson to Dr. Joseph Pound saying that he has enclosed a letter from the Bureau of Pensions "showing that your claim for increase pension to $16.00 per month has been allowed." The enclosed document, signed by V. Warner, does say that the "pension has been allowed at $16.00 per month from June 6, 1906."
Date: {1906-07-05,1906-06-29}
Creator: Burleson, Albert Sydney & Warner, V.
Partner: Dr. Pound Historical Farmstead

[News Clippings: Deaths of Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Dodd]

Description: Two news clippings concerning the deaths of women of the Sutherlin family. The clipping on the left concerns the death of Mrs. Lydia J. Edwards, who was asphyxiated due to gas fumes in 1920. The second clipping gives an overview of the death and funeral services of Mrs. Christie Dodd in 1902.
Date: {1902,1920-11-12}
Partner: Private Collection of the Sutherlin Family

[Three Bank Notes for J. E. M. Yates]

Description: Three bank notes prepared for J. E. M. Yates. The first acknowledges that J. M. Davis will pay him $15 with an interest rate of 10% per annum as of January 1, 1906. The second note is dated October 1, 1906 and says that P. C. Davis "one year after date, I, we, or either of us, promise to pay...twenty seven and 45/100 Dollars." The third note is dated January 16, 1902 and stipulates that P. C. Davis "On Oct 1st 1902 after date I, we, or, either of us, promise to pay to the order of J. E. M. Yates" $18 with ten percent interest.
Date: {1902-01-16..1906-10-01}
Creator: The M. P. Exline Co.
Partner: City of Grapevine

[Two Letters And Envelope Addressed to McAlpine]

Description: Two letters and an envelope discussing ranch matters. The first letter is addressed to "Uncle" and signed "Bof Bingham," discusses news of a cattle ranch and is dated June 2, 1918. The second letter is on Sayles Bros. & McAlpine letterhead, addressed to "John" and dated July 2, 1908. The envelope is addressed to "Mr. Uncle McAlpine" and has a note written on it that reads, "This explains itself. It may be a bluff and may not. He has done nothing yet."
Date: {1908-07-02,1918-06-02}
Creator: Bingham, B.
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Two Letters from B. J. Warz to Dr. Joseph Pound]

Description: Two letters from B. J. Warz to Dr. Joseph Pound stating that he will get an increase in pension, and that he is to "execute the voucher...and return it to the pension agent at Knoxville." The second letter concerns the protection against fraudulent impostors of officers in the Bureau of Pensions: "The OBJECT OF THIS CIRCULAR is to protect all persons...against the swindling schemes of unprincipled IMPOSTORS."
Date: {1903-04-14,1903-07-30}
Creator: Warz, B. J.
Partner: Dr. Pound Historical Farmstead