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[Two Letters from B. J. Warz to Dr. Joseph Pound]

Description: Two letters from B. J. Warz to Dr. Joseph Pound stating that he will get an increase in pension, and that he is to "execute the voucher...and return it to the pension agent at Knoxville." The second letter concerns the protection against fraudulent impostors of officers in the Bureau of Pensions: "The OBJECT OF THIS CIRCULAR is to protect all persons...against the swindling schemes of unprincipled IMPOSTORS."
Date: {1903-04-14,1903-07-30}
Creator: Warz, B. J.
Partner: Dr. Pound Historical Farmstead

Journal of Proceedings of the Thirty-Eighth Annual Session of The Northwest Texas Conference, of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, at Forth Worth, Texas, November 11 to November 16, 1903.

Description: Minutes of Northwest Texas Conference include a list of members, committees, formal minutes of the conferences, condensed minutes, resolutions, reports from committees, selected biographies, and statistical tables.
Date: November 1903
Creator: Methodist Episcopal Church, South.
Partner: Archives of the Central Texas Conference United Methodist Church

Map of North Park Addition to Abilene, Texas [#3]

Description: Plat of a portion of Abilene Texas, showing various numbered lots including blocks that are subdivided to show individual properties with notations about acreage. There is a small sketch in the lower left corner showing the relation of several properties in relation to a creek. Scale ca. 1:6667 (Scale in varas.)
Date: October 1903
Creator: Riney, W. A.
Partner: Abilene Christian University Library

Travis County Naturalization Records: Naturalization Record 1903-1906

Description: Record of final action taken by district court on petitions for citizenship by aliens who have previously filed declarations of intention, including: a) Declarations of intention to become citizen, showing date of declaration; name,, country of nativity and allegiance, and age of alien; port from which emigrated; date of emigration; port and date of arrival in United States; recital of statement of application for citizenship, of intention to become citizen, and of renunciation of allegiance to foreign power; signature of declarant; and clerk's attestation. b) Petitions for naturalization, showing petition number; date of petition; court; name, place of residence, occupation, date of birth, and place of birth of alien; place of departure; date of emigration; port of arrival in United States; date of arrival; name of ship on which arrival made (or mode of transportation, if not by ship); marital status of alien; name of spouse (if married); date and place of birth of spouse; name, date of birth, place of birth, and residence of each child; and signature of alien. c) Affidavits of two witnesses as to character of alien, showing name of affiant; name of alien; statement of number of years of acquaintance with alien, whether alien has resided in United States for five years, whether in Texas for one year preceding date of application, and confirmation of alien as a person of good moral character; signature of affiant; and clerk's attestation. d) Oaths of allegiance, including statement of oath, date oath administered, and signature of alien. e) Orders of court admitting alien, showing term of court, date of proceedings, name of alien, order of court admitting petitioner, and signature of presiding judge. Arranged chronologically by date of proceedings; indexed in file. Referenced in Index to Naturalization Records of Travis County.
Date: 1903-09/1906-11
Creator: Travis County (Tex.). District Clerk's Office.
Partner: Travis County District Clerk’s Office

Travis County Probate Records: Probate Minutes 19

Description: Travis County probate minutes documenting probate cases from July 1903 to January 1908. Recorded copies of proceedings of the county court sitting as a probate court in cases involving estates of deceased individuals. Shows term of court, date of proceedings, names of officers present, subject of hearing, names of interested parties present, orders of the court, signed approval of county judge, and clerk's attestation. Arranged chronologically by date recorded.
Date: 1903-07/1908-01
Creator: Travis County (Tex.). Clerk's Office.
Partner: Travis County Clerk’s Office
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