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1.2. & 3 Ranch Headquarters After a Snow

Description: Photograph of the 1,2 & 3 ranch after a snowfall. There are several dark wooden buildings and a wooden fence covered in snow. Next to the buildings is a Model T car, a water tower and a windmill. In the foreground is snow-covered ground.
Date: March 17, 1932
Partner: Cattle Raisers Museum

[Contestant 1]

Description: An Entry in Weslaco's annual "Birthday Party" fashion show. Organized by the Chamber of Commerce to highlight the fruit and vegetables grown in the Rio Grande Valley, area citizens created and modeled clothing made from local fruit, vegetables, and flowers. Lady in feather like dress and head dress are made out of pompas grass, blouse of citrus peel.
Date: December 1938
Creator: Edrington Studio
Partner: Weslaco Museum

[Colorado River Flood 1]

Description: Photograph of the flooded Colorado River. Trees are submerged in the water. "Handwritten note on the back reads, "1 By placing pictures 1 and 2 end to end the full width of the Colorado River is shown."
Date: June 15, 1935
Creator: Boone
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

[William Edwards by House #1]

Description: Photograph of William Edwards standing in front of a house with a stone building is in the background.
Date: 1938
Location Info:
Partner: Cattle Raisers Museum

[Louisiana Southern Train 10, #1]

Description: Photograph of a train engine attached to a car. A building is partially visible in the background. Handwritten text below the image says, "Louisiana Southern #10 (ex T&P) #43. New Orleans, La. Aug. 1931."
Date: August 1931
Partner: The Grace Museum

M.D. and Doug Bryant by Well #1

Description: Photograph M.D. and Doug Bryant standing in front of State Lease #20174, Well #1 in the Yates Field at Iraan, Texas in 1937..
Date: 1937
Partner: Marfa Public Library

Cars and Salesmen at Abilene Candy Co. #1

Description: Photograph of Abilene Candy Company salesmen standing by cars lined up outside the brick building. There are power lines and trees along the street, and the Abilene Elevator Co. building is behind it.
Date: 1930
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

First Baptist Church - Usher Board -1

Description: Photograph of a group of ushers from First Baptist Church. The group includes several children standing in the front with rows of women and men standing behind them. They appear to be wearing matching outfits. This is Usher Board - 1 at First Baptist Church in 1930.
Date: 1930
Partner: Jacob Fontaine Religious Museum

[Baptising in Olde Towne Creek (1)]

Description: Photograph of Reverend Hugh Vancel performing a baptism in Olde Town Creek near Red Hill, Tennessee. The reverend is standing in the creek and facing a large crowd of people on the bank, and holding the arm of a young girl standing next to him; several other girls, a woman and a man are also standing in the creek, on the left. A building with wood siding is visible in the background.
Date: 1938
Creator: Clark, Joe
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections