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[World War One Small Box Gas Mask]

Description: World War One-era "small box respirator" gas mask, consisting of a canvas or cloth face piece, with inset glass or resin eye lenses, and straps that wrap around the back of the head. The front of the mask has a valve located behind a cloth-covered tube that goes over the mouth and attaches to a small yellow metal box containing activated charcoal (made of peach pits or the pits from other stone fruits). The wearer would have breathed only through the mouth, inhaling air scrubbed clean by the charcoal in the box, and had their nose squeezed shut by a clip inside the mask.
Date: [1914..1918]
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[World War One Doughboy Helmet]

Description: Doughboy helmet owned by Alvin Mansfield Owsley during World War One, made of steel with an anjustable leather chin strap. Officially known as the M1917 Helmet, it was also known colloquially as the dishpan hat, tin pan hat, washbasin, battle bowler, and Kelly helmet.
Date: unknown
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

Red tool box.

Description: Red tool box.
Date: unknown
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

The Period Hotel

Description: A postcard of the Period Hotel, a two-story building with Neo-classical architecture which was located at the corner of NW 4th Avenue and 6th Street, in Mineral Wells, Texas is shown here. There is a horse-drawn carriage parked in front of the hotel and various people standing on the sidewalks around the building. A printed note at the top of the picture reads: "7698. The Period Hotel, Mineral Wells, Texas."
Date: unknown
Partner: Boyce Ditto Public Library

[Needle point picture of a map of Austin's Old 300 Colony.]

Description: Needlepoint picture of a map of Austin's Old 300 Colony. The frame is wooden and velvet. The inside edge is gold metal or wood, the middle is green velvet, and the outside edge is carved wood painted gold.
Date: 1965
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Armband for Terry Tebedo]

Description: Black armband that was worn at Terry Tebedo's memorial service, sponsored by the Dallas Gay Alliance, in 1988. The pink triangle in the center is a symbol given to gay men in WWII, under Hitler's Nazi regime.
Date: 1988
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Close-Up of Granbury Monument]

Description: Photograph of the base of a monument in Granbury, Texas. The text reads: "Erected by the U.D.C. General Granbury. Chapter No. 683. In memory of Brigadier General H. B. Granbury and his valiant followers. Granbury. 1861-1865". A pavilion and a tree with flowers are visible in the background.
Date: unknown
Partner: UNT Libraries