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Primary view of Teacher's Contract for Pearl Vinson
unknown creator
May 5, 1925
Primary view of [Certificate of Commendation to the Denton City Council]
unknown creator
June 5, 1980
Primary view of [Debt Petition by Peter Mercer, October 5, 1837]
unknown creator
October 5, 1837
Primary view of [Bill of Sale to Julia R. Simons from Adam Hill for slave, Julia and her 2 year old daughter]
unknown creator
December 5, 1862
Primary view of [Minutes, third meeting of Beth-El Congregation, October 5, 1902]
Carb, Isidore, congregation secretary
October 5, 1902
Primary view of [Letter from Henry Strong to M.L. Parks, July 5 1877]
unknown creator
July 5, 1877
Primary view of [Tax receipt for Milton Parks, March 5 1881]
Morris, J.R.
March 5, 1881
Primary view of [The Western Presbyter]
Russell, Charles C.
February 5, 1904
Primary view of Funeral Notice for L.C. Brite
unknown creator
September 5, 1941
Primary view of The Brite Ranch Raid
White, Clint W.
March 5, 1984
Primary view of Peruanos demonstraron seriedad civica
Castillo, José L.
June 5, 2006
Primary view of [Fire in Ringgold]
Castillo, José L.
January 5, 2006
Primary view of [Receipt of Levi Perryman, June 5, 1880]
Morris, W. A.
June 5, 1880
Primary view of [Receipt for $220 for the purchase of a lot of 40 acres on the Medina River, September 5, 1853]
Herndon, J. H.
September 5, 1853
Primary view of [Ledger sheets showing transaction relating to the colonization of Castroville, March 5, 1846]
unknown creator
March 5, 1846
Primary view of [Receipt for 50 French francs paid to H. E. Reisacher, January 15, 1844]
Reisacher, H. E.
January 5, 1844
Primary view of [Receipt for 56 francs 50 centimes paid to A. Bartz for his passage from Galveston, January 5, 1844]
Bartz, A.
January 5, 1844
Primary view of [Envelope from Henry S. Moore to Charles B. Moore, March 5, 1860]
Moore, Henry S.
March 5, 1860
Primary view of [Transcript of invoice for freight, May 5, 1830]
unknown creator
May 5, 1830
Primary view of [Transcript of election returns from the Brazos Guards, November 5, 1835]
unknown creator
November 5, 1835
Primary view of [Transcript of invoice from Stephen F. Austin to M. B. Nuckolls, October 5, 1825]
unknown creator
October 5, 1825
Primary view of [Transcript of agreement between D. G. Burnet and H. [Fullerton], [December 5, 1829]]
unknown creator
December 5, 1829
Primary view of [Transcript of a decree from the Vice President of Mexico, August 5, 1832]
unknown creator
August 5, 1832
Primary view of [Transcript of declaration made by Oliver Jones, April 5, 1833]
unknown creator
April 5, 1833
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