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Oral History Interview with O. H. King, September 28, 2002

Description: Interview with O. H. "Karl" King of Fort Worth, Texas, who is a World War Two veteran of the United States Marine Corps. In the interview, Mr. King recalls memories of his travels, the Japanese attack on Clark Field, the Battle for Bataan, and when he was a Japanese prisoner-of-war. He also talks about other experiences he had while serving in the Marines and his life before and after the war.
Date: September 28, 2002
Creator: Graham, Eddie & King, O. H.
Partner: National Museum of the Pacific War/Admiral Nimitz Foundation

Oral History Interview with Wilburn Snyder, April 16, 2002

Description: Interview with Wilburn Snyder, a POW of the Japanese in the Philippines. He answers questions about his time in the military and as a POW in the Philippines.
Date: April 28, 2004
Creator: Stroble, Brandy & Snyder, Wilburn
Partner: Lee College