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[Receipt for Gasoline Purchase to Bud Yates]

Description: Bill of sale receipt to Bud Yates for the purchase of 11 3/4 gallons of gasoline for the total cost of $1.80.
Date: June 27, 1940
Creator: Oxford Service Station
Partner: City of Grapevine

[Four Poll Tax Receipts for the Yates Family]

Description: Four poll tax receipts for the Yates Family, each stating their age, precinct number, and address; the price of the tax is $1.75.
Date: January 30, 1937
Partner: City of Grapevine

[Three Bank Notes for J. E. M. Yates]

Description: Three bank notes prepared for J. E. M. Yates. The first acknowledges that J. M. Davis will pay him $15 with an interest rate of 10% per annum as of January 1, 1906. The second note is dated October 1, 1906 and says that P. C. Davis "one year after date, I, we, or either of us, promise to pay...twenty seven and 45/100 Dollars." The third note is dated January 16, 1902 and stipulates that P. C. Davis "On Oct 1st 1902 after date I, we, or, either of us, promise to pay to the order of J. E. M. Yates" $18 with ten percent interest.
Date: {1902-01-16..1906-10-01}
Creator: The M. P. Exline Co.
Partner: City of Grapevine

[Photocopy of the Masonic Institute Tuition Schedule for 1876]

Description: Photocopy of the terms of tuition pamphlet for the Masonic Institute in Grapevine, Texas; the document outlines the individual departments and the costs for each tier. The page on the back of the pamphlet describes the institute's purpose, activities, and location
Date: 1876
Partner: City of Grapevine

[National Service Life Insurance Cards for Estill Yates]

Description: Three National Service Life Insurance cards for Estill Yates, two have a due date on the first of July 1945 and one has a due date on the first of August 1945. Each card shows the premium total due, as well as the policy number for Estill.
Date: 1943?
Creator: Veterans Administration
Partner: City of Grapevine

[Receipt from the John B. Stetson Company for Earl Yates, June 30, 1941]

Description: Bill of sale for Earl Yates from the John B. Stetson Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; the total balance for Mr. Yates is $9.84 as of June 30, 1941. Also included is the envelope in which the statement was mailed in.
Date: June 30, 1941
Creator: John B. Stetson Company
Partner: City of Grapevine

[Brochure for the Cotton Stamp Plan for Tarrant County]

Description: Brochure for "The Cotton Stamp Plan For Tarrant County, Texas" from the United States Department of Agriculture. The brochure discusses the purposes of the plan, instructions on how to get cotton stamps, and how to use them. Also included is the envelope that the brochure was delivered in.
Date: June 30, 1941
Partner: City of Grapevine

[Monthly Statement from the Texas Paper Company, April 28, 1939]

Description: Monthly statement billed to Earl Yates from the Texas Paper Company showing a balance of $2.85 as of April 7, 1939. Included in the record is an advertisement for Fort Howard Household Roll Waxed Paper as well as the envelope that the documents were delivered in.
Date: April 28, 1939
Partner: City of Grapevine