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[Photograph of Drusa (Rogers) Myres]

Description: Photograph of Drusa (Rogers) Myres. The photograph is from the chest up. She has short brown hair and is wearing silver circular glasses as well as a printed top with what seems to be a flower pinned to the front.
Date: August 12, 1937
Creator: Myres, Drusa
Partner: Pioneer City County Museum

[Texas State Board of Medical Examiners Certificate Card]

Description: Certificate sent by the Texas State board of Medical Examiners to Edith Bonnet certifying that she "has provided this Board the information required by the Registration Act" and paid the fee. Written at the top is the date of her graduation and when she first got her license.
Date: September 12, 1933
Creator: Texas State Board of Medical Examiners
Partner: Moody Medical Library, UT