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[Cochran Family Films, No. 14 - Holidays and Community Events]

Description: This home movie documents the daily lives and activities of the Cochran family including the family spending time at their boat house (00:00-01:56), a trip to Aquarena Springs in San Marcos, Texas (01:56-3:50), a visit to the Houston Zoo (04:21-8:42) and Battleship Texas (08:42-10:29), the family playing on the beach (10:29-11:32), and a trip to LBJ Ranch and Johnson City (11:32-12:30). The family observes the annual homecoming parade in Throckmorton, Texas on October 10, 1964 including floats, beauty queens, horseback riders, and a car carrying the campaign slogan "Goldwater '64. Bread and Water '65" (12:30-14:40) Footage also includes family members leaving an unidentified home (14:40-15:05), boys climbing on a cannon and Mrs. Cochran with Cheryl at unidentified locations (15:05-15:38),an unidentified woman painting on canvases (15:38-16:14), the family watching a historic reenactment from a train (16:14-17:03), and family members at an unidentified location (17:03-19:00). The film concludes with a parade in Throckmorton with a marching band and drill team, story book themed floats, and horseback riders (19:00-20:31) and a youth rodeo (20:31-22:57)
Date: [1964..1965]
Creator: Cochran, Jay
Location Info:
Partner: UNT Media Library